Scalable Compliance Solution for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) 

Addressing food safety compliance, health and safety regulations, quality control, supply chain management, and more, QSRs have a lot to manage. VComply offers a comprehensive solution to streamline compliance processes, automate workflows, enhance operational efficiency, ensure food safety and quality, and maintain franchise compliance. With VComply, QSRs can confidently navigate these challenges and achieve compliance excellence.

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All-in-one solution for your QSR operations 

Leverage VComply to streamline regulatory compliance, simplify training, centralize record-keeping, and effectively manage vendor compliance. Experience seamless operations and achieve peace of mind with an integrated platform.

Unify control processes: collaboration at franchise scale 

Enable collaborative compliance for QSRs. Onboard users across franchises, assign tasks, and track progress. Utilize pre-built internal control frameworks, align activities, schedule audits, manage evidence, and trace audit trails for optimal outcomes.

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    “The V Comply platform has been amazing. It’s simple yet powerful, and the implementation team made it clear they understood our pain points and had people in place, to get us deployed ASAP.”
    Rebecca Gomes Chief Compliance Officer

Implement robust health & safety protocols and mitigate incidents 

Deploy comprehensive policies and safety guidelines across your organization, ensuring consistency and a centralized source of information. Mitigate incidents by proactively identifying and addressing threats and hazards, reducing their potential impacts on stakeholders.

Powerful compliance reports & insights 

Stay on top of your compliance programs and save time with pre-configured reports & dashboards. Analyze key performance trends across multiple franchises, identify risks & process gaps, track their completion, and demonstrate compliance to internal and external stakeholders.

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Why choose VComply's GRC solutions for your QSR? 

  • Manage multi site compliance with ease
  • Empower your first line of evidence with VComply’s mobile app
  • Automate risk & audit processes
  • Quick and seamless onboarding
  • 24/7 customer support

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