Optimize Research Compliance and Reporting Excellence

Ensure meticulous adherence to reporting standards, manage compliance and regulations, and meet the expectations of funding and grant providers with VComply.

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Ensure data security and address cyber security concerns

VComply enables you to establish strong controls for ensuring data management and cyber security, monitor and assess control performance and address the gaps.


Maintain transparency

Demonstrate accountability and transparency by streamlining financial and compliance practices with VComply.


Centralize evidence

VComply lets you establish a central repository for evidence organization, access, and management.


Automate policies

VComply enables you to implement robust policies to promote research integrity and address misconduct allegations.


Improve evidence with a centralized repository

VComply streamlines evidence management by providing a centralized repository where all evidence is stored securely, facilitating easy access and retrieval. VComply helps to access documentation and records that support audit findings.

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Automate regulatory compliance management

Effortlessly establish multiple frameworks and adhere to applicable laws and regulations such as 45 CFR 46, ITAR, EAR, FAR, AWA, Good Clinical Practices with time saving automations. VComply lets you incorporate guidance from regulatory content providers or import controls seamlessly.

Automate compliance workflows and provide complete visibility into an organization’s compliance status by departments, owner, region, centers etc.

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Built-in framework

Address data security and privacy management

VComply ensures data security and privacy by implementing robust controls for access management, encryption, and adherence to data protection regulations like GDPR. This helps research institutes mitigate data breach risks and maintain compliance.

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Improve internal audit procedures in your institute

Improve internal audit processes within your institute by utilizing the VComply Internal Audit solution. Access a centralized interface to oversee all auditable entities, risks, and issues, and efficiently plan, schedule, collaborate on, and conduct audits.

Streamline audit management with a risk-focused strategy, simplifying planning and enhancing collaboration, while also accessing audit data, evidence, issue reporting, and remediation status.

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“VComply has proven to be a very effective tool to automate compliance activities. It helps us to centralize evidence and send reminders for timely task completion.”

Michelle Yong
Chief Compliance Officer

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