US State Specific Compliance Checklists for Non-Profits

The United States is home to almost 2 million non-profits, roughly 2% of all the non-profits across the globe. It is one of those industries that substantially impacts the US social and economic well-being. Irrespective of the industry or domain, US non-profits are growing faster than ever. The high demand for services through non-profits makes this industry highly regulated in the US.

A non-profit organization in the US has to comply with a minimum of 50 Federal, state-specific, and local regulations. Starting from the IRS, FDA, DOJ Federal laws to state-specific rules imposed by various state Attorney Generals make it complex for non-profits to maintain their compliance status. Monitoring and tracking regulatory compliance requirements are time-consuming tasks to do.

VComply provides an extensive library of checklists relevant for the US state-specific regulatory compliance requirements that you need to manage and track on an ongoing basis.

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