Simplify Car Dealership Compliance

VComply simplifies compliance processes for car dealerships, helps manage policies and documents, consolidating all essential information into a single, accessible platform.

  • Save time by automating routine operations & processes 
  • Eliminate the limitations of spreadsheets in compliance management 
  • Increase accountability with real-time reporting 

Technology that adapts to your requirements and workflows

VComply adapts to the specific needs and distinctive workflows of your car dealership, improving your regulatory compliance and process management.


Cut compliance risk

Implement & manage multiple tasks and assess their performance across all stores.


Set up a unified system

Consolidate all your compliance data and reports within the platform, enabling convenient access across multiple device types.


Resolve issues

Take proactive steps to identify issues, assign tasks to resolve them, and minimize your exposure to risk.


Effectively manage a range of regulations and frameworks

Use the built-in regulatory frameworks to create and manage compliance programs that meet GLBA, privacy, cybersecurity, consumer protection laws, F&I, and regulatory requirements set by oversight bodies such as CFPB, FTC, and state Attorney Generals, spanning federal and state jurisdictions.

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Centralized compliance framework

Drive accountability across your operations and processes

VComply helps car dealers manage operations and compliance programs and ensures adherence to established protocols.

Through features like task assignments, real-time monitoring, and audit trails, VComply empowers organizations to hold individuals and teams accountable for their actions and decisions.

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Internal auditing

Seamlessly organize documents & compliance evidence

VComply offers centralized storage for seamlessly arranging and managing documents, evidence, and guidelines, establishing a solid foundation for digital documentation. Effectively demonstrate compliance by presenting evidence during audits, ensuring trust with regulatory authorities and stakeholders.

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Evidence management

Get a holistic overview of operations & compliance activities

Gain a comprehensive understanding of operations and compliance activities with custom dashboards and reports. Utilize these to analyze data, monitor posture, track task progress, and enable informed decision-making.

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Dashboards and reports

Unify compliance efforts through team collaboration, notifications, alerts

VComply achieves unified compliance efforts through robust team collaboration features, integrated notifications, and alerts. It lets team members collaborate seamlessly on compliance tasks, documents, and programs. Notifications and alerts help teams stay on track by reminding them of impending deadlines, reducing the risk of missed compliance requirements.

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Notification & Alerts

Streamline policy management across multiple stores

Streamline policy management and processes across multiple stores with VComply, offering a centralized repository for personnel and compliance policies aids in easy distribution and employee accessing and acknowledgement of policies.

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Policy Management

“VComply is the ideal repository for compliance and regulatory requirements. It facilitates the integration of risk and compliance in a very intuitive way”

Ian W
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

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