Scale Your Investment Management Organization’s GRC Processes 

Managing various investment portfolios often makes your organization susceptible to risks, data security, and regulatory burden. VComply lets you proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks while earning trust from clients and regulatory bodies alike.

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Efficiently manage your audit universe and boost collaboration 

Manage your complete audit universe using VComply’s Internal Audit Management solution. Integrate compliance processes, risks, controls, and tests in one centralized platform, enabling seamless data sharing and enhancing collaboration across all departments. Experience increased efficiency and collaboration as you leverage a centralized source of truth for your audit activities.

Increase operational efficiency by linking risks with controls 

Effectively mitigate risks by conducting assessment workshops, setting up tolerance levels, and linking them with controls to reduce risks to an acceptable level. Be proactive in monitoring key risk indicators and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


It allows our organization to establish standardized systems across a very complex set of compliance obligations. All of our key documentation is now housed in one central location and our staff is thrilled with the reminders and accountability built in.

Michelle C. Director of Compliance

Reduce Compliance Fatigue, Unify Risk Data for Effective Decision-Making 

Efficiently engage your first line of defense and eliminate redundant information requests. With a fully integrated GRC platform, seamless information sharing is enabled across risk, compliance, and audit teams.

Take the hassle out of compliance communication 

Break down silos and foster collaboration across multiple locations and departments. Seamlessly connect teams with VComply’s agile mobile application. By integrating with popular communication tools such as Slack, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams, we eliminate barriers to effective communication and streamline compliance management.


Why VComply is the best fit for your needs

  • Comprehensive compliance and risk management platform
  • User friendly interface and powerful reporting
  • Seamless integration with popular collaboration tools
  • Quick onboarding & implementation
  • 24/7 customer support

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