Organizations Don’t Lose Risk Visibility with VComply.

Forward thinking risk management professionals are moving away from outdated solutions, opting for a structured and modernized approach for managing risk, enhancing accuracy, and efficiency.

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RiskOps Features

Mange Your Risks Strategically with Our Modern Connected Platform

Risk Register

Set up a centralized risk register that allows organizations to capture risks from various sources and departments in a single location. It serves as a central repository for documenting and recording risks, ensuring that no risks are overlooked or missed.

Risk Workshops

Conduct risk workshops using the VComply’s Risk Workshop feature to bring together key stakeholders to discuss risks, assess their impact and likelihood, and develop mitigation strategies collaboratively.

Risk Assessment

Streamline and automate risk assessments–plan, schedule, manage, and perform inherent and residual risk assessments–easily with VComply. Define risk treatment plans to accept, avoid, transfer, or optimize risk, assign control to specific individuals or teams, along with deadlines and priorities.


Gain a 360-degree view of risk and trends through interactive executive dashboards, visualize risk exposure patterns through heat maps, highlight risks that currently lack adequate controls or mitigation measures and respond faster to emerging risks.

    “The implementation of VComply has provided our organization with a holistic view of operations across all business units. Through powerful reports, dashboards, and analytics, risk and compliance data are transformed into actionable intelligence, empowering stakeholders to make well-informed business decisions.”
    Taylor W Compliance & Risk Director


Foster a risk-aware culture by promoting communication and collaboration. VComply allows organizations to scale their risk management efforts across various departments, business units, or geographical locations. It makes it easy for your team to connect anytime on risk updates with the built-in chat feature and attach and share risk documents.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay informed and take immediate action with VComply’s notifications and alerts, enabling you to address risks promptly in a timely manner. Monitor the progress of risk management activities, allowing you to track the implementation of risk controls, assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures, and generate comprehensive reports for better decision-making.

Files & Evidence

Recommend action plans to modify controls or define new controls as part of the issue remediation process. Link controls risks, upload and review files and task evidence, monitors the status of the implemented actions at every stage and track them to closure.

Reports & Insights

VComply offers real-time transparency into risk data enabling organizations to closely monitor risks, understand root cause and make informed decisions. The risk reports offer a comprehensive view of total risk exposure grouped by departments, projects, or specific areas, while the risk heatmap visually represents risk exposure patterns, highlighting areas requiring stronger mitigation strategies.

Promote operational efficiency in risk management 

Drive operational efficiency by leveraging the response strategy option to evaluate risks, choose suitable response strategies, and prioritize mitigation based on impact and likelihood. Assign a risk priority level and define controls for effective risk mitigation. Establish a centralized issue management system for efficient and systematic issue management organization wide.


Experience our award-winning GRC platform!

Experience our award-winning GRC platform