Say goodbye to your
Risk Management woes
Accurately identify, assess, mitigate and monitor business risks
with VComply’s agile risk management workflows.
VComply Risk Dashboard
Get an insight into your organization’s risk profile and make data-driven risk management decisions with VComply’s integrated risk management platform.
360 Risk Visibility icon
3600 Risk Visibility
Get a 360-degree view of the risks impacting your organization, monitor the key risk indicators, identify critical risks and prioritize their treatment plans.
Measurable Outcomes icon
Measurable Outcomes
Eliminate risks with proactive internal controls. Identify & remove bottlenecks, measure the effectiveness of the controls, and minimize the cost associated with compliance.
Reduced Liabilities Icon
Reduced Liabilities
Identification and reduction of risks result in paying fewer fines, penalties, and reduced liabilities.
Different risk parameter monitoring
Change the way
your organization
visualizes risk
Enable risk managers to gain a complete view of all your potential risks from a centralized Risk Register. Effectively prioritize, plan and create risk response strategies.
Different risk parameter monitoring
Bring simplicity to your risk management processes
Standardize and streamline your risk management program using VComply’s pre-configured risk rating guidance and remove ambiguity from the inherent and residual risk assessment process. Use an interactive interface to score risks by impact, likelihood, velocity, vulnerability, and other risk criteria ratings.
Steps in Risk management process
Risk monitoring and mitigation
Increase operational efficiency by connecting risks with controls
Determine the risk tolerance levels and link risks with controls to reduce risks to an acceptable level. Create risk treatment plans, define owners and track their progress to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
Risk monitoring and mitigation
Increase in efficiency in deployment of risk mitigation strategies.
Drive collaboration through a centralized risk management workspace
Move away from isolated risk management processes and drive collaboration by inviting stakeholders & business owners to risk assessment workshops. Provide real-time insights with dynamic dashboards and risk heatmaps to identify critical risks.
Risk assessment using Risk heatmap
The functionality of the tool continues to expand to meet our changing needs.
It allows our organization to establish standardized systems across a very complex set of compliance obligations. All of our key documentation is now housed in one central location and our staff is thrilled with the reminders and accountability built in.
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