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Spreadsheets are great, just
not for compliance.
Most organizations rely on spreadsheets for compliance.
Here’s why it’s a bad idea:
No Automation icon
No Automation
Spreadsheets are incapable of sending automated alerts or escalating failures when necessary. As a result, you miss out on important due dates.
Manual Errors icon
Manual Errors
Spreadsheets and checklists are designed to accept whatever the user inputs, so there’s really no way of detecting errors.
Unmanageable icon
A spreadsheet can be accessed by multiple individuals at the same time, which makes it impossible to track each change and control the data versions.
Data Vulnerability icon
Data Vulnerability
Compliance is sensitive. You wouldn’t want to make it worse by risking the security, would you? Secure your efforts with VComply encrypted storage.
Asynchronous icon
While spreadsheets are great for a lot of things, their asynchronous nature makes them unsuitable for compliance monitoring in real-time, and using them for compliance can be very taxing. Upgrade to VComply.
“We’d been using spreadsheets to manage our compliance for over a decade and we were pretty rigid about switching to an alternative. This was before we were penalized a whopping $20,000 for a minute spreadsheet error, and man did that pinch! I think that’s when we realized that it is indeed time to upgrade. VComply’s flexibility is what got us on board, and the best part was that we were able to transition quickly and got started in about 2 weeks”
Senior Compliance Manager,
A furniture manufacturer in United States
Why should you switch to a tool
Most tools are designed to save you time, effort and overall cost. Additionally, here are a few other reasons why switching to a tool is a smarter option to manage compliance.
Accountability icon
Increased Accountability
Have a clear picture of who is responsible for what. Improve transparency and accountability across your organization.
Agile Deployment icon
Agile Deployment
The new generation of GRC tools are quick to deploy and have capabilities of synchronizing with your existing workflows.
Automation Leverage icon
Automation Leverage
Software solutions offer you capabilities to automate workflows, notifications and alerts, hence reducing redundancies.
Higher Security icon
Higher Security
Tools deploy security measures via encryptions and dedicated data centers to host your data in a secure, controlled environment.
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