Manage SOX Reporting, Controls, and Compliance

VComply facilitates corporate governance for publicly traded US company boards, empowering organizations to enhance internal controls for financial reporting and showcase adherence to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Pre-built Frameworks

Expedite the implementation of SOX compliance processes within your organization with VComply’s SOX pre-built frameworks.

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Control Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your internal controls in ensuring compliance with SOX regulations and take corrective actions.


SOX Audit Readiness

Helps organizations prepare for audits related to SOX, ensuring that all documentation, processes, and controls are in place.


Alerts and Notifications

VComply offers real-time alerts to key stakeholders on compliance related issues, reducing the risk of compliance failures.


Compliance monitoring

VComply enables continuous monitoring of compliance metrics and controls, ensuring sustained adherence to SOX requirements.


SOX Compliance Reports

VComply generates comprehensive reports detailing their compliance status, activities, and findings related to SOX requirements.


Automate and optimize compliance tasks with workflows

Automate compliance workflows for regulatory tasks like data collection, analysis, reporting, and documentation. Efficiently manage evidence to boost productivity, optimize SOX compliance, cut audit costs by rationalizing controls.

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Enhance business performance and decision-making

Boost business performance and decision-making with real-time insights into compliance status and risks. Customize stakeholder reports, craft intuitive dashboards with personalized views for streamlined SOX compliance.


Enhance control testing and assessment

VComply enhances control testing and assessment, boosting SOX compliance and internal controls. This minimizes financial misstatement risks and fraud, optimizing resources and reducing business disruptions.


Automatic Risk Assessment

VComply lets you maintain a risk register, identify and assess inherent and residual risks, score risk, assign risk owners, conduct risk workshops with key stakeholders, and develop mitigation strategies.


Single Source of Truth

VComply maintains a single source of truth for compliance data and evidence, simplifying management and retrieval during audits, ensuring transparency and easy access.


Streamlined Internal Audits

Leverage the AuditOps to simplify your internal SOX audit processes, plan and schedule audits, conduct fieldwork or enable online audits, track audit tasks and manage audit reports and documentation.


Issue and Incident Management

Record issues and incidents in VComply, track, and assign responsibility to various stakeholders, establishing accountability and clear timelines for resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions About SOX

Explore SOX compliance and learn its significance, key provisions, and how it benefits businesses. See the most frequently asked questions and get answers for a comprehensive understanding.

  • What is SOX and why is it important for businesses?

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 aims to bolster corporate governance, financial transparency, and accountability. SOX is crucial for businesses, as it boosts investor confidence, curtails financial fraud, and strengthens governance.

  • Which organizations are required to comply with SOX regulations?

    US publicly traded firms must adhere to SOX regulations, covering those listed on US stock exchanges or filing with the SEC. Foreign companies with securities traded in US markets are also subject to SOX compliance.

  • What are the key provisions and requirements outlined in SOX?

    SOX requires internal controls for financial reporting, auditor independence, and better corporate governance. CEO/CFO certifications, audit committees, and limits on non-audit services by external auditors are key mandates.

  • How does SOX compliance benefit businesses and stakeholders?

    SOX compliance enhances financial reporting accuracy, aids decision-making, and mitigates fraud risks. It safeguards shareholder value, reputation, promotes transparency, accountability, and ensures long-term financial stability.

From getting our controls loaded into VComply, to assisting with setting up workflows and tasks, the support we received from VComply is the number one reason we were up and running so quickly and efficiently.

Michelle Yong
Chief Compliance Officer

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