Bring Efficiency into Healthcare Compliance and Risk Management  

Providing care and security is the top-most concern for any healthcare organization. However, the complexities of the regulatory environment, data security, and patient safety can be overwhelming. With VComply, you can confidently tackle regulatory requirements, proactively mitigate risks, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

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Streamline and enhance risk management with key metrics 

Customize risk thresholds to align with your organization’s unique risk profile and improve data integration by linking key risk indicators to corresponding risks and auditable entities.

Enhance compliance efficiency across multiple frameworks  

Keeping up with both Healthcare-specific regulations—such as OSHA, HITECH, CMS—and other state, federal, and internal requirements can be chaotic. With VComply’s pre-built framework library, map requirements, controls, policies, and risks across various frameworks and standards. Eliminate redundant efforts by identifying overlapping controls and accelerate your compliance program’s scalability.


    “VComply has proven to be a very effective tool to track compliance activities. It provides a way to automate your compliance program and assign tasks to individuals, along with reminders and the ability to upload supporting documentation. Customer service is the best I've experienced from a software company.”
    Tanya P. Compliance Specialist

Simplify & automate policy management 

Eliminate silos and centralize your organization’s policies into a single repository. Leverage VComply’s workflow automation for policy creation, approval, attestation, training, version control, and secure your policy management processes.

Plan and scope your audits, centralize reporting  

Safeguarding patient data and maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance for healthcare organizations. Utilize VComply to proactively assign self-assessments, identify risks, and coverage gaps across departments, centralize evidence collection, review access control logs, and consolidate audit reports for seamless audits and compliance.


Why transition to VComply’s compliance & risk management solution? 

  • All-in-one integrated GRC platform
  • Automated dashboards & reports that let you easily demonstrate compliance
  • Affordable, no-nonsense pricing
  • Get started in days, not months
  • We’re here for you 24/7

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