Healthcare Industry Compliance with PCI DSS

The Healthcare industry deals with sensitive healthcare data and financial transaction records; hence it is prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Compliance with PCI DSS ensures that the healthcare organization is dedicated to protecting sensitive patient information.
PCI DSS framework checklist

Why PCI DSS compliance is important for Healthcare Industry

  • Prevent data breach and vulnerability issues.
  • Increases patient’s and stakeholder’s reliance.
  • Provide global competence to the organization.
  • Facilitates compliance with HIPAA.

PCI DSS penalties that Healthcare Industry must avoid

  • Monetary fines.
  • Legal proceedings.
  • Loss of reputation.
  • Temporary or permanent business closure.

How this compliance template can help with PCI DSS compliance

This PCI DSS framework has been designed specifically for healthcare organizations dedicated to providing the utmost security to their patient’s data and information. The framework lists all the specific compliance requirements and tasks a healthcare organization must comply with to maintain its PCI DSS compliance status.

The framework helps healthcare organizations track their compliance activities and maintain a consolidated repository to track the progress.

How VComply can help in PCI DSS compliance

  • Set compliance programs across all departments and locations.
  • Create the PCI DSS specific compliance framework and manage compliance workflow.
  • Automate compliance task assignment and management across the compliance team.
  • Central repository for all your PCI DSS compliance documents.
  • Automate PCI DSS audits and manage the recurring audit process.

Download the PCI DSS compliance template for Healthcare Industry

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