Proactively manage your compliance programs, controls, and processes and avoid the risk of hefty penalties.
Switch over from spreadsheets & emails to an intuitive and integrated compliance management platform that ensures that you are compliant with current regulations and standards.
Compliance Dashboard
Centralize and automate compliance processes across multiple functions & locations with VComply’s Compliance Management platform.
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Increased Operational Efficiency
No more looking through emails or manual follow-ups! Get automatic status updates, compliance task notifications, and verify uploaded evidence. Save time, ensure consistency and have peace of mind.
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Single Source of Truth
Track all your regulations, standards, compliance programs, and audit data using a centralized repository and easily identify compliance gaps.
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Seamless Collaboration
Collaborate effectively with your team and move away from silos, driving transparency and accountability across the board.
stay-up-to-date with regulations
Seamlessly accomplish your compliance objectives
Be it regulatory compliance like GDPR, ISO 27001, or any other industry standards, VComply helps you stay-up-to-date with regulations, policies, and standards and avoid violations or fines. Define new compliance obligations or use pre-built controls from established frameworks and entrust them to stakeholders easily. Monitor the progress of the tasks and have oversight & real-time collaboration with other stakeholders.
stay-up-to-date with regulations
Track and manage compliance obligations across multiple locations
Manage compliance programs across multiple locations or functions by mapping your organization’s structure on VComply. Analyze their compliance performance and set benchmarks for the entire organization.
Manage compliance programs
View compliance performance
See the bigger picture! Turn insights to aid better decision making at all levels
View compliance performance at a glance and gain insights on the completion status of controls using VComply’s custom dashboards. Track the controls that are yet to be done, view the performance of compliance programs, real-time monitoring using automated audit logs, and manage control exceptions.
compliance performance
reduction in non-compliance penalties using VComply’s integrated solution.
Streamline workflows that align with your business processes
Configure workflows and create controls in a few clicks. Setup workflows to review compliance evidence and report any issues or process gaps before it’s too late.
Configure workflows
VComply helps OMEXOM digitize their compliance program
Listen to Omexom CEO Zdenek Zidek talk about the importance of adhering to sapin2, ISO37001 & their journey to create a strong Compliance Management Program with the help of VComply.
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