Take a Modern Approach to Manage Compliance and Risk in Banks 

Banks today face different types of risks, such as cybercrime, consumer protection, and financial regulations extending beyond their customers’ deposits and loan portfolios. VComply streamlines and automates your bank’s compliance, risk, and audit functions and helps drive operational success.

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Manage risks, comply with regulations, get audit-ready  

Using VComply’s intuitive user interface, you can seamlessly identify, assign and assess risks, monitor controls, execute audits, and remain compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Operationalize regulatory compliance management 

Keeping up with changing banking regulations like SEC, FINRA, BSA, FINCen can be a challenge. With VComply’s comprehensive framework library you can easily assign controls, map them to risks and policies, and centralize and monitor compliance status in real-time.


    Before VComply we were using spreadsheet, outlook, and other in-house tools to drive compliance. We overshot compliance deadlines and we're grappling with penalties. After using VComply, they have been no missed deadlines or missed registration payments.
    Ellis Mogenson Compliance Specialist

Unleash the power of automated workflows to manage your banking compliance 

Enable a holistic and integrated approach to organization wide GRC activities, unify & secure data, break-down silos and foster collaboration among teams.

Streamline risk assessment and improve visibility 

Use VComply’s digital risk register to visualize & prioritize risk mitigation efforts. Create risk workshops, link controls, and proactively identify threats and assess their impact.

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Why your bank needs VComply’s risk management solution

  • All-in-one integrated GRC platform
  • Experienced in serving mid to large banks and financial organizations
  • User-friendly interface with centralized dashboards to easily demonstrate compliance
  • Quick onboarding & implementation
  • 24/7 customer support

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