NIST: NIST Cyber Security Framework
The National Institute of Standards and Technology develops standards and guidelines to help federal agencies meet the requirements of FISMA. They provide guidance and security controls for information systems, and companies across industries adopt them as they are the best practices to maintain compliance. NIST Cyber Security Framework is a stringent set of standards, procedures, and processes to help organizations manage cybersecurity risks. It provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for reducing cybersecurity threats at organizations, yet it may not be that easy to implement.
NIST Illustration
Complying NIST Cyber Security Framework with VComply
VComply enables organizations to map their data and efficiently implement controls to track and manage compliance with NIST standards. VComply outlines the risks for information security, categorize the risks and conduct risk assessments. It develops and implements controls and streamlines assets and data management by coordinating workflows and delegating responsibilities. Once implemented, continuously monitor the efficacy of these controls. VComply’s monitoring process involves oversight, reviewing, and reporting of the compliance status and issues.
NIST Illustration
Streamline Your Risk
Management Efforts
  • Fluid risk evaluation and assessment of the current cybersecurity threats
  • Support for continuous process and policy improvements and implementation of controls
  • Built-in workflows for assigning, reviewing, overseeing controls and policy implementation
Streamline Your Risk Management
Managing Cybersecurity Risks with VComply
Establish Best
Practices For Managing
Cybersecurity Risks
  • Unified data model to effectively formulate cybersecurity policies across various departments of the organization
  • Centralized workspace for better communication between stakeholders on cybersecurity risks and compliance obligations
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports to depict the real-time data of functional responsibilities
Managing Cybersecurity Risks with VComply
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