Optimize CIS V7 Compliance with Effective Controls  

Ensure robust cybersecurity practices and protect your organization’s critical assets with CIS V7 compliance. Implement industry-leading security controls, best practices, and configuration guidelines to fortify your defences against cyber threats. Streamline compliance management and achieve a secure and resilient cybersecurity posture.

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Streamline processes for effective CIS V7 controls compliance 

Automate compliance tasks, set reminders, and share information centrally. Integrate risk assessments and audit plannings with compliance for effective process outcome. Bring flexibility into compliance communication through VComply mobile app.

Effective reporting and control 

Achieve simplified compliance reporting with VComply’s centralized repository and pre-built CIS frameworks. Track control implementation, monitor progress, and ensure accountability through streamlined task management. Generate comprehensive reports for CIS V7 compliance, assess control implementation, and promote transparency for informed decision-making.

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    We wanted to bring the same agility to our compliance program that we bring to our customers. It was time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and embrace a GRC platform to help us quickly ramp up and expand.

    David D. Chief Compliance Officer

Bring efficiency into the way you manage CIS V7 risk and audit processes 

Enhance efficiency in managing CIS V7 risk and audit processes with VComply. Streamline assessments, control implementation, evidence management, and reporting for effective compliance and risk mitigation.

Integrate risk with compliance 

Effortlessly assess and prioritize compliance risks, implement controls, and mitigation strategies using the CIS V7 Controls framework. Map existing security controls, policies, and procedures, automate audit processes, track tasks, manage evidence, and generate reports for comprehensive compliance management with CIS V7 requirements.