Achieve Cyber Resilience with CIS V7 Program

Streamline the building, managing, and reporting of your CIS V7-based cybersecurity program with VComply. Simplify the complexities of CIS V7 and effortlessly document and report compliance efforts.

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Compliance Workflows

Automate workflows, streamline compliance tasks, and assign and track tasks to ensure timely completion of CIS V7 requirements.


Pre-built Controls

Access a library of pre-built controls and assessments aligned with CIS V7 standards, saving time and effort in compliance efforts.


Real-time Reporting

Gain insights into compliance status and potential risks with real-time monitoring and customizable reports.


Centralized Documentation

Store and manage all compliance-related documentation in a secure, centralized repository for easy access and audit readiness.


Alerts and notifications

Maintain CIS compliance with timely alerts, keeping stakeholders informed of compliance status and minimizing risks.

Continuous Monitoring

Proactively monitor changes in CIS V7 requirements and assess their impact on your organization’s cybersecurity posture.


Build policies for better cybersecurity posture

VComply aids in crafting robust policies for CIS V7 compliance, enhancing cybersecurity posture efficiently. It helps organizations create, review, approve policies ensuring clarity and adherence to standards and distribution.

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Identify and assess potential risks

Identify and analyze potential risks that could impact the organization’s cybersecurity posture and compliance with CIS standards. With VComply, prioritize mitigation efforts, implement controls, and ensure compliance with CIS requirements.


Gain insights and improve decision making

VComply simplifies CIS compliance with powerful reporting and dashboards. Generate comprehensive insights on compliance status, control effectiveness, and trends and allow real-time monitoring for stakeholders.


Task Management

VComply streamlines CIS compliance tasks, ensuring accountability and timely completion. Stakeholders can assign tasks, monitor progress, and prioritize activities, enhancing efficiency.


Audit Trail

VComply maintains a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout CIS compliance. It records task assignments, updates, approvals, and reviews, demonstrating commitment to standards.


Evidence Collection

VComply simplifies evidence collection by centralizing documentation, user uploads, organize, and store compliance evidence, streamlining audits and assessments, and demonstrating adherence to CIS requirements.


Issue Management

VComply enables proactive identification and resolution of compliance issues. Track, prioritize, and resolve issues, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with CIS standards and provide visibility into issue resolution efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions About CIS V7

Effortlessly manage your CIS controls program with VComply. Gain visibility into security measures and safeguard against cyber threats. Explore our FAQ for answers and tips.

  • What is CIS Version 7 (CIS V7)?

    CIS Version 7 (CIS V7) is a cybersecurity best practices framework developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to help organizations improve their security posture and mitigate cyber threats.

  • Why is CIS V7 important?

    CIS V7 is important because it provides a set of prioritized security controls that organizations can implement to protect their systems and data from cyber-attacks. Adherence to CIS V7 enhances defenses, mitigating breach risks.

  • Who should comply with CIS V7?

    CIS V7 is applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries that aim to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. It is particularly relevant to those seeking to align with recognized industry standards to mitigate cyber risks effectively.

  • How can VComply help with CIS V7 compliance?

    VComply offers a range of features to assist organizations in achieving CIS V7 compliance. It provides tools for task management, evidence collection, issue management, streamlining the compliance process and ensuring adherence to CIS V7.

VComply provides a way to automate your compliance program and assign tasks to individuals, along with reminders and the ability to upload supporting documentation

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Director of Compliance, Security and Strategic Projects

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