Simplify GRC Management with Effortless Automation 

VComply automates the entire GRC management process — from policy creation to risk management and managing all your compliance programs

Key Features

Align your team, manage and mitigate risks, achieve your compliance milestones 


Leverage the power of dedicated dashboards for compliance, audit, issue, and risk management, gain total visibility into your compliance and risk data with visual dashboards and heatmaps.  Establish a single source of truth, easily track details such as compliance performance, due diligence score, top risks, risks without controls, risk ratings, and audit results.

Documents & Files

Streamline evidence collection, upload files and documents, consolidate and share all the requirements requested by an external or internal auditor to demonstrate compliance readiness. Automate your policy creation process with workflows. Link policies to compliance programs, ensure direct alignment with the relevant compliance requirements, and save time and resources.


Simplify and centralize the scheduling of compliance, audit, risk and incident management activities using the VComply Calendar, set reminders and receive notifications for upcoming compliance activities and deadlines. Synchronize your VComply Calendar with popular calendar applications such as Google, iOS, or Outlook Calendar, without the hassle of toggling between multiple platforms.

Notifications & Alerts

Enable proactive compliance management by leveraging notifications and alerts that keep your organization informed about upcoming deadlines, submission requirements, or policy updates. Integrate VComply with popular communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, allowing you to receive notifications and alerts directly within your preferred collaboration tools.

    “VComply is ideal for GRC management, and our team was able to get trained and running within a few weeks. It has modules that are interconnected, and this helps us with end-to-end GRC management.”
    Lindsay H Compliance Specialist


Escalate incidents or pending compliance tasks to relevant stakeholders, facilitate timely attention and action. Exercise oversight, monitor compliance task progress, and take necessary actions to address issues, transfer or delegate tasks to relevant stakeholders, prevent delays in issue resolution ensuring continuity and efficient issue resolution.

Framework Library

Leverage VComply’s in-built compliance framework library and a range of pre-configured controls to help organizations implement frameworks and align with their regulatory requirements. Identify the relevant controls applicable to your industry and regulatory landscape, saving time and effort in designing and configuring controls from scratch.


Plan, automate, and perform inherent and residual risk assessments in a streamlined manner. Automate risk score calculation by assigning the relevant weightage to each risk factor, design compliance assessments to evaluate adherence to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.

Audit Logs

Demonstrate compliance by easily retrieving information and evidence when needed, the control workroom maintains audit logs for historical data, allowing users to track the logs for audits, investigations, or reporting purposes. The traceability helps deter individuals from engaging in improper activities, as they are aware that their actions are being logged and can be audited.