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Six Common Compliance Management Pain Points and How VComply Solves Them

VComply Editorial Team
August 30, 2023
7 minutes

Maintaining compliance, managing risks, enforcing policies, and conducting internal audits can be complex and costly. This complexity is made worse by the board’s lack of interest in compliance, old technology, and inefficient processes. Even skilled teams can struggle with outdated tools and processes. In the compliance realm, professionals face various challenges that affect their work. Extensive surveys and in-depth discussions reveal significant pain points, highlighting compliance’s nuances and necessary enhancements.

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape poses a perpetual challenge for compliance officers. Keeping up with regulatory changes, updates, and their implications is an ongoing endeavor that requires vigilance, adaptability, and proactive action. The need to decipher complex regulations, interpret their applicability to the organization and implement effective strategies to stay compliant calls for continuous learning and the cultivation of a resilient compliance culture.

Let’s explore the primary sources of discontent for compliance management and officers.

# No. 1 Pain point:

Limited Engagement and Support from Senior Management and Board

Usually, the narrative revolves around senior management’s apparent indifference towards compliance matters, creating an arduous journey for CCOs striving to convey its essential value to the board. Without active support from senior management and the board, compliance efforts can lack the necessary resources, budget, and priority. Compliance officers may struggle to gain the attention and backing needed to implement effective compliance programs. This can hinder the organization’s ability to address compliance challenges comprehensively. 


Limited engagement and support from senior management and the board can indeed be a significant challenge in compliance management. Here are some steps you can take to address this issue: 

Raise Awareness: Begin by educating senior management and the board about the importance of compliance and the potential risks associated with non-compliance. Use real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate the negative consequences that can arise from inadequate compliance efforts. Present a compelling business case for robust compliance management. Highlight how effective compliance can protect the company’s reputation, prevent legal and financial liabilities, and contribute to long-term sustainability and growth. 

Quantify Risks and Consequences: Use data and metrics to quantify the potential risks and financial implications of non-compliance. Show how investing in compliance measures now can save the company significant costs and damage in the future. 

Regular Reporting: Develop clear and concise compliance reports that highlight key metrics, trends, and issues. Regularly share these reports with senior management and the board to keep them informed about the state of compliance within the organization. 

Tackling the Challenge with VComply 

VComply plays a pivotal role in tackling the challenge of getting active involvement from senior management and the board. Its policy module is like a spotlight, offering a centralized place to create, share, and track company policies. This makes policy updates smoother and ensures everyone follows the same rules. Plus, it makes communicating policy changes to employees super easy, boosting compliance. This sets the stage for a strong culture of compliance that gets senior management and the board more engaged and supportive, transforming how the whole organization operates. 

VComply also excels in risk assessment, helping you pinpoint compliance risks in a dynamic way. It gives scores to different compliance areas, showing the potential impact visually. Armed with this info, you can explain compliance’s real importance to senior management and the board. The customizable dashboards and reporting tools in VComply add to its magic. They create regular reports on compliance, which can be sent automatically to senior management and the board. This keeps them in the loop about compliance progress and actions, turning the boardroom into a place where everyone truly gets the significance of compliance. 

# No. 2 Pain point:

Lack of Cross-Functional Collaboration Between Compliance and Other Department

Compliance doesn’t operate in isolation; it requires collaboration with various departments to ensure comprehensive adherence to regulations. If there’s a lack of communication and cooperation between compliance and other departments, critical compliance-related information may not be properly integrated into business processes. This siloed approach can lead to fragmented compliance efforts.


Establish Clear Communication Channels Foster a Culture of Collaboration: Create open lines of communication between the compliance team and other departments. Regularly share updates, changes in regulations, and compliance initiatives through channels like emails, newsletters, and collaboration tools. Promote a culture that values collaboration and emphasizes the importance of compliance throughout the organization. Encourage teams to work together on compliance-related projects and initiatives. 

Define Roles and Responsibilities: Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each department regarding compliance. Make sure everyone understands their contributions to compliance efforts and how they align with overall organizational goals. 

 Integrated Workflows: Implement integrated workflows within compliance and other departments’ processes. This ensures that compliance considerations are seamlessly embedded in various activities and projects. 

Addressing the Challenge with VComply 

VComply facilitates the establishment of clear communication channels by allowing you to define and assign precise compliance responsibilities to various stakeholders. This ensures that each team comprehends their roles in achieving compliance objectives, promoting transparency and accountability across the organization. 

With VComply’s customizable workflows, you can foster a culture of collaboration by seamlessly integrating compliance requirements into existing processes across departments. This integration ensures that compliance becomes an inherent part of daily activities, encouraging teams to work together and align their efforts toward compliance goals. VComply provides a platform for transparent communication. Stakeholders can share updates, changes in compliance obligations, and compliance initiatives through the system. This ensures that everyone is informed, minimizing misunderstandings and fostering a collaborative environment.VComply’s feedback collection ensures that collaboration is responsive to evolving needs and challenges. 

# No. 3 Pain point:

Difficulty in Interpreting Complex and Evolving Regulations 

Regulations can be intricate and subject to interpretation. Compliance officers need to decipher complex legal language and translate it into actionable steps for the organization. As regulations evolve, keeping up with the nuances and implications of changes can be daunting. Misinterpretations can result in incorrect actions, putting the organization at risk.


Compliance Framework Library and Content Providers:  To effectively address this challenge, the implementation of a comprehensive compliance framework library is crucial. This library should encompass a collection of well-structured best practices and pre-built controls that aid in interpreting and adapting to complex regulations. Additionally, forging partnerships with compliance content providers can greatly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of compliance interpretation. 

VComply Tackles the Problem

VComply offers a robust compliance framework library that encapsulates standardized procedures for interpreting regulations. This library serves as a centralized repository of pre-built controls for various frameworks, enabling compliance officers to leverage them for handling complex regulatory language. 

Furthermore, VComply’s strategic partnership with compliance content providers like Ascent contributes a wealth of specialized knowledge. Ascent’s AI-driven regulatory technology can analyze and distill complex legal documents into actionable insights. Integrating Ascent’s capabilities into the compliance framework library provides real-time updates, alerts, and explanations of regulatory changes, thus empowering compliance officers to stay ahead of evolving requirements. 

By utilizing VComply’s framework library and partnering with content providers like Ascent, organizations can surmount the challenge of interpreting intricate regulations. Through this collaboration, compliance management transcends mere adherence and becomes a proactive strategic asset for the organization’s success. 

# No. 4 Pain point:

Inefficient Processes for Tracking and Reporting Compliance Activities

Manual and disjointed processes for tracking and reporting compliance activities can lead to errors, oversight, and inefficiencies. Compliance officers need streamlined methods to document, track, and report on compliance efforts. Without proper tools and systems, there’s a risk of missing important deadlines, commitments, or documentation.


Clear Workflows and Checklists: Develop clear step-by-step workflows and checklists for compliance tasks and reporting processes. These guidelines provide a roadmap for compliance officers and team members to follow, reducing the likelihood of oversight. 

Task Calendar and Reminders: Maintain a dedicated task calendar with deadlines and reminders for compliance activities. Regularly review and update this calendar to ensure that important dates are not overlooked. 

Continuous Improvement: Encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the compliance team. Encourage team members to share their insights and suggestions for streamlining processes. 

Centralized Repository: A compliance software provides a centralized repository where all compliance-related information, documents, and activities are stored in an organized manner. This eliminates the need to search through disparate sources, reducing errors and saving time. 

 Automated Tracking: Automation features within the software automate tracking of compliance activities, deadlines, and commitments. This ensures timely alerts, reducing the risk of missing crucial milestones. 

 Role Clarity and Accountability: Ensure that each team member understands their roles and responsibilities concerning compliance tasks and reporting. Clearly define who is accountable for each activity to prevent confusion. 

Tackling the Problem through VComply

VComply makes tracking and reporting compliance activities by providing an integrated suite of tools that streamline the entire process. Through clear workflows and checklists, the platform ensures that compliance tasks are systematically organized and executed. This eliminates the confusion often associated with manual processes and guarantees that each step is followed diligently. The built-in task calendar and reminders further bolster this efficiency, ensuring that deadlines are met and no critical compliance activity slips through the cracks. With VComply, the cumbersome task of manual tracking becomes a thing of the past as the system automates the tracking process, reducing the risk of human error and providing real-time visibility into compliance progress. 

A key aspect where VComply shines is its focus on accountability. Through its comprehensive framework, the platform assigns ownership of tasks and activities to specific individuals or departments. This not only ensures that every compliance-related responsibility is clearly assigned but also fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among employees. This accountability extends to automated tracking, where the system monitors task completion and updates in real-time, leaving an audit trail that can be accessed when required. By amalgamating all these features, VComply seamlessly brings together clear workflows, efficient checklists, automated tracking, and accountability into a unified solution that significantly enhances compliance processes for tracking and reporting compliance activities. 

# No. 5 Pain point:

Time and Resource Constraints

 Compliance officers face the challenge of limited time. A significant majority, around two-thirds, expressed that the demands of compliance often exceed the available hours in a day. The task of ensuring adherence to regulatory standards is time-consuming, compounded by factors such as Inadequate staffing and resources that hinder efficient compliance management.:


Effective Time Management Strategies: While addressing time constraints in compliance management can be demanding, implementing effective time management strategies can help mitigate this challenge: 

Prioritization: Identify and prioritize compliance tasks based on their urgency and impact. Focus on high-priority tasks that directly impact regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. 

Task Delegation: Delegate tasks that can be handled by other team members or departments. Empower your team to take ownership of specific compliance responsibilities. 

Automation:  Utilize automation tools for routine and repetitive compliance tasks, such as sending reminders or tracking deadlines. This frees up time for more strategic activities. 

Streamlined Processes: Review existing processes and identify areas for streamlining and efficiency improvement. Eliminate unnecessary steps and bottlenecks. 

Technology Utilization:  Leverage compliance management software and tools that offer features like automated notifications, document management, and reporting. These tools enhance efficiency and accuracy. 

Meeting the Challenge Head-On with VComply

VComply helps organizations dealing with limited time and resources for compliance management. Its versatile features help make the most of available time and assets. By automating compliance tasks, VComply reduces the manual workload on employees, freeing them from repetitive jobs. This automation ensures that important compliance tasks are done on time, preventing the risk of missing crucial deadlines. Also, VComply’s user-friendly design makes it easy to learn and use, saving time during implementation.
 When it comes to managing resources, VComply is a game-changer. Its central hub for evidence and compliance proof eliminates the need for time-consuming searches. This saves time and makes resource usage more efficient. VComply’s real-time tracking and reporting features provide insights into compliance activities, helping organizations allocate resources where they matter most. By optimizing time and resource management with alerts and notifications, VComply eases the pressure of compliance challenges, allowing organizations to uphold strong compliance standards without overwhelming their teams or depleting resources.

# No. 6 Pain point:

Lack of Tools in Compliance Management

The absence of suitable tools and technologies for streamlined compliance operations poses a significant pain point in compliance management. Without the right tools, compliance officers and teams may struggle to efficiently handle tasks, monitor activities, and meet regulatory requirements. 


Implementing Tools and Technologies: While addressing the lack of tools can be challenging, implementing the right tools and technologies can significantly enhance compliance management: 

Needs Assessment: Identify the specific needs and challenges in your compliance operations. Determine which areas require tools and technologies for improvement. 

Research and Selection: Conduct thorough research to identify tools and technologies that align with your compliance needs. Consider factors such as functionality, scalability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities. 

Compliance Management Software: Invest in comprehensive compliance management software like VComply. Such platforms offer a wide range of features, including document management, task tracking, reporting, and automation. 

VComply Empowers Organizations Across the Spectrum

 VComply serves as a comprehensive compliance software solution that empowers organizations in numerous critical aspects of compliance management. The platform excels in establishing a robust compliance framework by offering tools for defining roles, assigning responsibilities, and implementing controls. With VComply, tracking compliance activities becomes a streamlined process, ensuring that each task is accounted for and completed on time. This is further reinforced by the assignment of responsibilities to stakeholders, enhancing accountability and transparency across the compliance landscape. 

VComply’s versatile workflows facilitate seamless collaboration between departments, while its due diligence scoring and compliance assessment capabilities provide a systematic approach to evaluating adherence to regulations. Risk assessment is made more effective through the platform’s insightful tools, allowing organizations to identify and prioritize potential compliance risks. Document sharing and evidence management become effortless with VComply, enabling easy access to necessary information. The platform’s dashboard reports offer a comprehensive overview of compliance activities, supported by alerts and notifications that keep teams informed in real time. With its multifaceted capabilities, VComply stands as a vital ally in the pursuit of comprehensive compliance management. 

So, why wait? Consider implementing VComply to effectively identify and manage potential compliance management challenges, ensuring the compliance and success of your organization in the long run.

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