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Keeping up with regulatory changes and staying on top of industry standards is a bit more complicated than developing some policies and dropping them on your policy portal. Managing compliance programs across their entire lifecycle, including compliance risk assessments, assigning and routing compliance tasks and obligations, due diligence, screening and monitoring, auditing and reporting, and offboarding, requires commitment and diligent oversight. Organizations need an integrated, effective, and practical platform that helps them manage the critical areas of their compliance programs and improve the efficiency of their organization.

Fortunately, Vcomply helps organizations of all sizes to manage their compliance efforts successfully with minimum efforts. VComply is built for compliance managers and encompasses capabilities to identify and assess risks, implement controls, route and assign compliance tasks, establish policies and perform internal audits. VComply also helps you comply with regulations, privacy laws, and industry standards in minutes. It enables you to turn compliance processes into a competitive advantage.
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With VComply, you can

  • Create configurable and flexible workflows that align with your organization
  • Display intuitive dashboards and reports to analyze compliance performance
  • Keep track of events with real-time calendar alerts and tracking
  • Easily deploy multiple compliance obligations across locations
  • Comply with dozens of regulations and standards
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Why Choose VComply?

  • Trusted by top brands in the world
  • Creates measurable ROI
  • Strengthen the organization with world-class governance
  • 5-days effortless implementation process to get started
  • Our pricing is lesser than similar solutions in the market
  • 24/7 Support
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