US State-Specific Compliance Checklists for Non-profits

CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

The state of California introduced the CCPA act on the 1st of January, 2020 to protect consumers’ personal information. This act allows consumers to investigate what information a business collects about them and how the information is used or shared. A consumer can ask a company to delete or alter their information under Section 1 (AB 1146), if they feel it will have an adverse effect or their privacy will be hindered. For example, a customer may not want his photo to be shared after a hair transplant. In order to comply with the CCPA, businesses should take the following steps: a) First, find out if the CCPA applies to your business. b) Update the privacy policy data as per the CCPA. c) Provide an opt-in option for prior consent of the users to sell their information and from parents for users who are in the under-age category. d) Provide the option ‘Do not sell my data’ for users to opt out from selling their information.
CCPA Compliance

CCPA Compliance with VComply

VComply brings together risk management, compliance, audit, and policy practices. It provides a centralized framework to implement consumer privacy regulations such as CCPA. It automates incident reporting and remediation activities, and streamlines the management of data protection. VComply’s internal control management process involves oversight, reviewing, and reporting of the compliance status and issues. Risk register and risk assessment abilities help foresee and evaluate the data privacy risks and control data. It allows organizations to consolidate content from the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) and integrate and map the policies and processes. VComply helps you stay organized for CCPA compliance regulations.
CCPA Compliance

Take Control of Your
CCPA Compliance

  • Keep your company on track with CCPA compliance framework
  • Analyze the situation and address the processes for tracking SLAs, statuses and response times
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on risk assessments and CCPA audit readiness
CCPA compliance framework track
CCPA Data Handling Management

CCPA Data Handling Management

  • Centralize policy creation, review, approval, and dissemination about how to handle data to all stakeholders with built-in workflows
  • Automatically send notifications to the control assignee, reviewers, brings in oversight, breach notification reporting through incident management
  • Easily create and assign controls to reduce the information security and data management gap
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