Women of compliance agreement

Legal release clause (V1)

  1. Consent for Use of Imagery and Stories: By participating in VComply’s campaign titled “Women of Compliance,” the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “the Participant”) hereby grants VComply, its affiliates, and agents, the right to use and publish photographs or images taken of the Participant, along with any accompanying stories submitted by the Participant. These materials may be used on VComply’s website, LinkedIn profile, and in other promotional materials related to the campaign.
  2. Purpose of Use: The photographs and stories are to be used exclusively for the purpose of promoting and celebrating the contributions of women in the field of compliance. The use is strictly limited to representational purposes concerning the Participant and does not imply endorsement of VComply or its services.
  3. Approval of Public Content: Any content intended for public release, including but not limited to images, stories, and promotional materials, will be submitted to the Participant for approval prior to their publication. VComply commits to making no alterations or edits to the submitted stories without prior written approval from the Participant.
  4. Withdrawal of Consent: The Participant has the right to withdraw consent at any time by providing written notice to VComply. Upon receipt of the notice, VComply will cease the use of the Participant’s images and stories for any new materials moving forward and will remove from public viewing any existing materials within a reasonable timeframe, subject to technical feasibilities.
  5. Duration of Use: The consent provided herein shall be valid until the Participant communicates in writing the decision to revoke such consent.
  6. No Representation of Company Endorsement: It is expressly agreed that the Participant’s participation in the campaign and the use of the Participant’s image and story do not constitute an endorsement of VComply or any of its products or services.
  7. Provision of Address: The Participant agrees to provide VComply with their residential or office address for the sole purpose of sending personalized gifts in recognition of their participation in the campaign titled “Women of Compliance.” 
  8. Use of Address: The address provided by the Participant will be used exclusively for delivering the personalized gift and will not be stored for any other purpose beyond the completion of the delivery process. VComply commits to maintaining the confidentiality of this information and to not share it with any third parties, except as necessary for the delivery of the gift. 
  9. Nature of the Gift: The personalized gift will be crafted in good taste and will represent a fictional or historical character selected by the Participant. VComply ensures that the design and content of the gift will respect the dignity and professional image of the Participant. There is no obligation to accept the gift and the Participant maintains the right to reject the gift under any circumstances based on their sole discretion.  
  10. Data Protection Compliance: VComply commits to adhering to all relevant data protection laws and regulations in handling the addresses and any other personal information provided by the Participants. This includes ensuring secure storage and destruction of the address information once the purpose of its collection has been fulfilled.