Why Does Compliance Process Automation Matter for Credit Unions?

Why Does Compliance Process Automation Matter for Credit Unions?

The credit union industry faces an immense amount of regulatory changes each year, which leaves it burdened with the challenge of monitoring and maintaining compliance to avoid reputation risks, litigation and hefty fines. However, only 30% of the credit unions have automated their compliance processes and functions.

In this VComply webinar, Dominick Campagna, VP of Sales at Ascent, Jilaine Hummel Bauer, Senior Compliance Consultant, and Chris Pitchford, Chief Revenue Officer at VComply share their insights on how credit unions can automate compliance activities to remain out of any non-compliant action, and ensure cost saving and reporting.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Key challenges and priorities for credit unions in 2023
  2. Anticipating changes within the credit union regulatory environment
  3. Leveraging automation for streamlining compliance and risk management processes
  4. Ensure operational resilience and incidence response efforts
  5. Eliminate weaknesses in board oversight, reporting and training with automation
  6. Actionable steps to get started and compete with confidence

    Leveraging 30 years of executive legal, compliance, and consulting experience across all subsectors of the financial services industries, Jilaine helps drive the velocity of Ascent’s innovative technology.

    Jilaine Hummel Bauer Senior Compliance Consultant
    Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer at VComply and part of the executive team.
    Chris Pitchford Chief Revenue Officer | VComply
    Dominick is an experienced sales leader with over 10 years of combined experience in the technology, GRC, and financial services industries. He is driven by a passion to connect deeply with risk and compliance teams and understand their challenges in order to help make compliance easier.
    Dominick Campagna VP of Sales | Ascent