Shifting your compliance strategy from passive to aggressive

In the complex background of frequent regulatory changes, organizations are exposed to many unfamiliar compliance risks that heighten anxiety in compliance teams. There is a need for the compliance function to develop a proactive approach to compliance and risk management than displaying a traditional tick-box approach. It’s time to evolve– It’s time for the compliance function to mature from a reactive and advisory function to become a proactive growth partner in the business

In this webinar featuring guest speaker Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Jeanette Kreft, Managing Director at The Compliance Company, they dig into the complex background of frequent regulatory changes and how compliance function can mature from a reactive advisory function to become a proactive growth partner in the business. 
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Key Takeaways:

  • 1. Operationalizing compliance management
  • 2. Using the maturity model in risk management
  • 3. Moving beyond spreadsheets and taking your compliance maturity to the next level
  • 4. Performing risk assessment to reduce compliance risks
  • 5. Revisualizing the gold mine of compliance data and developing data-driven insights


Renee Murphy
Principal Analyst | Forrester
Renee is a principal analyst at Forrester serving Security & Risk Professionals. She covers governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), with a special focus on audit, controls management, information security, and risk management. In this role, she helps Forrester’s clients strengthen their risk and compliance environments based on her extensive audit experience and technology expertise. Renee’s previous work experience includes internal and external auditing, security consulting, data center management, network engineering, and compliance program implementations.
Jeanette Kreft
Managing Director | The Compliance Company
Jeanette Kreft is the Managing Director of The Compliance Company. The Compliance Company is a leading compliance consultancy firm operating from Auckland, New Zealand. Jeanette works with a range of national and international companies operating within the financial services industry. Jeanette specialises in assisting businesses to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and to develop and implement governance, risk, and compliance frameworks that are meaningful and add value. Prior to establishing The Compliance Company in 2015, Jeanette worked as a lawyer in leading law firms in New Zealand.
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