VComply Integration for Slack Instructions

Work with Slack Integration

The following steps will guide you through the Slack integration process:
1. Click on Settings option from the bottom left navigation panel.
2. Click on the Integrations option from the SETTINGS menu.
3. On the Integration page, click on ENABLE option next to Slack.

Begin to connect Slack with your VComply account:

1. An information pop-up will appear on your screen about Slack workspace and how it is integrated within Overview tab.
2. On the pop-up box, click on CONNECT option.
3. After you click on CONNECT, another pop-up will appear for you as “Sign in to your workspace” enter the URL of your Slack workspace on the given space.
4. Click on your organization’s name in the top left corner of Slack application to find your workspace URL.
5. On the VComply application, enter the workspace URL you got from Slack and click CONTINUE option.
6. You will next be directed to your Slack workspace Sign in page.
7. On the Sign in page, you need to enter the Email ID and Password.
Enter the email address that the Power user used to create your VComply account.
8. Click on Sign in option, after entering required details.
9. An authentication code will be sent to the mobile number which was registered while creating your Slack account.
10. It will redirect you to the access page with the title of “VComply is requesting permission to access the [Organization name] Slack workspace”
You can view some troubleshoot questions too on the Access page. It will help you get a clear vision about the channel and other queries of Slack.
11. On the Access page, scroll down and click on Allow option.
12. After you click on Allow, the necessary information will be loaded and Slack will notify you via email.

Final configuration stage of VComply Integration with Slack:

On VComply Portal:
You need to connect your Slack channel to VComply
1. Click on CONFIGURE option.
2. On the Configuration section, click and enable on Send Message toggle.
3. Click on “Select Channel” option to choose a channel from the dropdown.
If a channel is selected, all members of the channel will receive alerts related to all responsibilities on VComply.
4.Choose the name of the channel or type it on the search bar.
5. Select the Slack channel and you are good to go.

Disconnect Slack Integration:
1. Click on Disconnect option within Disconnect Integration section.
2. It will instantly disable the Send Message option and Disconnect the Slack Channel which was connected previously.