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Manage Employee Onboarding and Training Compliance

Employees are the primary stakeholders, and organizations are constantly evolving to provide them with seamless onboarding and training experiences. Streamlined processes are the key to Human Resource teams at any organization to bring efficiency into the onboarding and training processes.  

There are plenty of HR process management software available catering to this need. As a member of the HR leadership team, your role involves working towards simplifying and enhancing the internal HR compliance processes. This can help improve efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organization. 

Manage Employee Onboarding and Training Compliance

You probably face challenges with daily documentation and repetitive manual tasks needed to meet regulatory and internal HR standards. Departmental silos are adding up to the stress and hampering your performance.  

Can you leverage complete process automation to manage all employee onboarding and training program compliance activities?  

The answer is yes.  

The ComplianceOps platform is designed for HR leaders like you. Its purpose is to simplify managing the intricate HR compliance tasks in the organization. 

When is the right time to adopt compliance software for managing employee onboarding and training programs?  

Compliance software is versatile and can be used anywhere in a company’s journey.  

However, many organizations turn to HR compliance solutions when encountering problems or financial penalties due to non-compliance.  

With digital platforms and intelligent technologies, compliance experts are adopting tools like ComplianceOps sooner. 

Here are some signs within your organization to consider when determining the right time to use HR compliance software. 

Growing workforce  

The organization is expanding and hiring more employees. As a result, your HR team is spending excessive time on administrative tasks related to compliance.  

Increasing Complexity  

If your industry is highly regulated or your organization has intricate compliance requirements.  

Frequent Regulatory Changes  

Your industry experiences frequent changes in regulations or laws. And you struggle to stay current and ensure your HR practices align with the latest requirements.  

Employee Work and Training  

The organization has dedicated programs for employee training programs or transitioned to remote work or offers online training. And you have to collect compliance data and information for everything.  

Consistency and connectedness  

If you are responsible for ensuring training and processes are consistent across multiple departments and locations across the organization. And you are facing challenges collaborating. 

Centralized Documentation  

Your team is responsible for storing all relevant compliance documents but lacks centralization, making accessing and managing necessary information difficult.  

Audit Preparedness  

If you’re concerned about HR audits, organizing and providing easy access to the necessary documentation and connecting internal and external auditors. 

Tracking and Reporting  

You must create instant data and reports about employee onboarding, training, and following rules. But you might find it hard because making these reports consumes much time and effort. 

How VComply help you with managing employee onboarding and training program compliance?  

Eliminating departmental silo  

Being the HR leader in the organization, one of your main aims is to stay in touch with employees and team members in all departments. Manage compliance responsibilities in sync and bring transparency through accessible communication and collaboration.  

VComply helps you bring your team and stakeholders on the platform through easy onboarding. You can create custom workgroups and user roles based on the organization hierarchy for better information access control.  

VComply can bring collaboration across the organization’s HR activities irrespective of departments or locations.  

Onboard your HR team on VComply and experience compliance excellence.

Automation of compliance activities  

Employee onboarding and training programs involve lots of compliance-related administrative tasks. 

As the HR Officer / Manager, you’re responsible for assigning tasks to HR team members, monitoring their progress, and ensuring tasks are completed correctly. This involves keeping track of deadlines and notifying team members to ensure everything goes smoothly according to the plan.  

You are likely already feeling exhausted if you do all this using spreadsheets, emails, physical meetings, and telephonic calls.  

CompliaceOps software can automate all these tasks for you. You can create compliance tasks, set deadlines, and assign these to respective teammates with a few clicks.  

Based on the task deadlines, the assignee gets automated notifications and alerts. You can create tasks and take such actions for individual assignees or in bulk.  

When an assignee completes a task, you receive notifications confirming its completion. You also get to know the task due diligence score for better insights. 

Create an HR administrative task with ComplianceOps today!

Collect and manage documents seamlessly  

Documents are the backbone of any HR-related activities. It could be employee onboarding forms, background check documents, or training reports. All have to be collected, reviewed and kept securely.  

If you store compliance documents in paper files locked away, the chances of losing information and having limited access increase significantly. If you are doing the same, then it is high time you leverage the cloud storage provided on the VComply platform.  

You can create digital copies of all employee onboarding and training program-related documents. Upload them with respective tasks, send documents for reviews digitally, and download them anytime. Keep the documents in an encrypted format. Control who can access which document by creating role-based access controls.  

Book a demo to learn more about VComply’s document management capabilities.

Increase policy adaptation across the organization  

As the HR official, you are responsible for creating policy documents, sharing them with all new employees, and providing training. This helps prevent new employees from engaging in actions that could damage the organization’s reputation. 

With the help of the Policy portal, you can create and manage the policy database for your organization. The policy portal lets you share all policies with new employees via email or digital links. This ensures holistic policy communication to all new employees.  

Create a policy portal for employee onboarding now!

Conduct employee training assessments with ease  

After new employees finish their training sessions, they must take tests and assessments to measure the training results. 

You can create custom assessments to ensure new employees understand policies, processes, and protocols provided during training or in the employee management handbook. Float assessments across employees through shareable links. The platform records the responses and generates insight reports for you to review the training outcome. 

You can collaborate with other stakeholders to review the training assessments and generate custom reports for internal compliance or regulatory requirements.  

Create your first employee training assessment now!

Be ready for HR compliance audits in days and not in months  

Planning and executing compliance audits often experience delays or consume excessive time. The reason could be a lack of activity tracking, evidence trail management, or collaboration.  

If your H team takes months to prepare for and conduct the audits separately, it’s time to consider partnering with VComply. 

The AuidtOps platform enables you to create audit plans in minutes. It helps collect evidence centrally and collaborate seamlessly with internal or external audit teams.  

Plan your next HR Audit with VComply.

Manage onboarding and training reports efficiently  

As the HR person, you must handle reporting processes for new employee details, onboarding program performance, training outcomes, and more. 

If collecting information on time or getting reports from different places is hard for you, VComply can help make it easier. 

The platform facilitates collaborations across departments and teams. Let’s them create custom program compliance reports or upload and share onboarding and training reports within a few minutes. You can access them right from your desk or mobile at any time.  

Book a demo to learn more about VComply’s reporting capabilities.


New employee onboarding and training demand meticulous preparation and manual work by HR teams. As the HR Officer/Manager, your priority is to improve employee experience, increase employee retention, and enhance company culture. Let administrative compliance tasks no longer hinder you and your team from reaching your utmost potential. Let VComply be your reliable partner for simplifying employee onboarding and training program compliance management.