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Centralization of Audit Processes

Like most organizations performing audits, you might also do it traditionally.

Doing many manual visits, collecting papers, carrying heavy binders, and conducting meetings to finish everything on time. You review the entire process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and add to the pain you already suffer.

Centralization of Audit Processes

If you are still spending your precious time entangled with a loop of spreadsheets. Using physical documents as evidence. Managing your audit team separated across departments and locations. You might rethink having a centralized process to ease the audit process.

How to achieve audit process centralization?

Only two decades ago, audit process management software came into the picture. Since then, audit leaders across the globe have embraced it to achieve excellence.

Technology can release audit teams from tiresome, time-consuming tasks. Allowing audit leaders like you to dedicate time to delivering genuine value to the organization. This value consists of insights and ideas to enhance business quality and sustainability.

VComply’s AuditOps software can help create custom audit plans for you and your organization. It helps centralize processes and generate more than 123% ROI on audit investments.

How VComply helps you with audit process centralization?

As the audit leader, your vision to implement a seamless central audit process will change your organization’s operations.

Your leadership and VComply’s centralized AuditOps can bring unmatched efficiency to managing the audit program.

Overcome collaboration challenges

We understand audit is a team activity, and you must connect with people across departments and locations.

You are likely going places, conducting meetings, and manually gathering reviews. This causes a lack of collaboration and communication gaps, and it is exhausting for you to manage your team.

VComply’s virtual platform lets you bring all your team members and relevant stakeholders together. Create department and location-specific work teams and groups. Collaborate with stakeholders in the audit workroom for audit plan creation and communication.

Collaborate with your audit team with VComply.

Centralize audit plans and activities

Creating audit plans, assigning relevant tasks, and managing all through spreadsheets is a huge struggle for you.

You are constantly sending out hundreds of emails to stakeholders. Sending call reminders to do audit work, asking for evidence to conduct audits on time. Still, you are missing out on deadlines and unable to bring accountability.

VComply enables you to create custom audit plans with a few clicks. You can create specific tasks, set a completion timeline, and assign them to stakeholders. Now, you can automate notifications and alerts so your audit team does not miss deadlines.

Create your next audit plan now!

Create a central evidence repository

Any audit process’s success depends on the evidence’s quality and availability.

Collecting physical evidence, keeping them behind lock and key, and carrying them to review meetings would be the last thing you want to do as a proactive audit leader.

Using papers and physical files to manage audit evidence causes a lot of process inefficiencies. It makes audit information vulnerable to errors, loss, or destruction.

With AuditOps, centralizing workpapers, evidence, and documentation. Effortlessly manage evidence, record activity logs, and attach supporting documents all in one location. Documents are encrypted and kept in cloud storage.

Audit team members can access or download evidence according to their role-based permissions. This helps decrease the risk of mishandling or stealing information.

Book AuditOps demo to know more about its evidence management capabilities.

Conduct centralized audit assessments

If you are managing audit assessments, collecting responses, and reviewing outcomes manually, you’re probably investing months in these tasks.


Audit assessment


VComply can significantly reduce your audit assessment completion timeline to weeks or days.

Create custom audit assessments and send them across the team with a few clicks. Collect responses online, let VComply assess the response, and generate insights for you.

Create your next audit assessment with AuditOps.

Generate custom reports and insights

As the audit leader, you are responsible for creating audit reports, summarizing complex findings concisely, and ensuring information accuracy. Communicating outcomes effectively for stakeholders’ informed decision-making.

If you do it the traditional way, you will likely spend more than 200 hours per quarter creating audit reports and communicating with stakeholders.

VComply’s central purpose-built audit dashboards and actionable insights facilitate agile decision-making at the executive level.

You can see audit plans and drill down into audit performance based on category or unit. Analyze audit results with audit status tracking with comprehensive audit reports.

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Embrace the transformative power of centralization and redefine your audit journey. Shift away from the traditional hassles of spreadsheets, manual coordination, and disjointed efforts.

With VComply’s AuditOps, revolutionize your approach to audits. Seamlessly unite teams, centralize document management, streamline assessments, and generate insights effortlessly.

Empower your leadership with technology that saves time and propels your organization forward.