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Automation of Policy Lifecycle Management

Imagine a world where managing policy lifecycles isn’t a constant struggle for your organization.   

Imagine a seamless process where policies are quickly created, updated, communicated, and tracked.   

Picture your team staying ahead in industries with intricate compliance demands, effortlessly adapting to evolving regulations. Making policy management efficient and error-free is no longer a distant dream.   

Automation of Policy Lifecycle Management

The simplest solution to achieve policy management excellence is to adopt automation through technology. But it might be confusing for you to decide when to implement automation for managing policy lifecycle. 

Let us help you with this!

When is the right time to adopt automation for Policy Lifecycle Management? 

Companies can embrace policy management automation at any stage of their journey.  

However, many organizations turn to automated solutions when facing challenges or operational issues with outdated policies and manual processes.  

With policy management software and intelligent technologies, policy management experts are turning to tools like PolicyOps sooner.  

Here are some signs within your organization to consider when determining the right time to implement policy lifecycle automation: 

1. Growing Complexity:  

If your industry faces intricate compliance requirements or your organization manages many policies. 

2. Frequent Updates: 

Industries experiencing frequent changes in regulations or laws, where keeping policies up-to-date is challenging. 

3. Cross-Departmental Collaboration:  

Coordinating policy updates and communication is cumbersome when your organization spans multiple departments. 

4. Audit Preparedness: 

If you’re concerned about policy-related audits and need a centralized way to organize and provide access to policy documentation. 

5. Efficiency Struggles:  

Creating, updating, communicating, and tracking policies manually consumes substantial time and effort. 

How can PolicyOps help you with policy lifecycle management? 

1. Seamless stakeholder collaboration:  

As a policy manager, staying in sync with stakeholders across departments is crucial. VComply enables you to,  

  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the policy workroom for policy creation and communication.   
  • Seamlessly onboard individuals from various teams, departments, and locations.   
  • Streamline policy development and review through document sharing, feedback, and task automation. 

Collaborate with your team with VComply PolicyOps.

2. Simplification of policy drafting processes: 

The platform simplifies the policy drafting processes through the intuitive policy editor.  

  • You can use prebuilt policy templates or create policy documents in Word or PDF format.   
  • Organize policies into categories and link them to departments for centralized control.   
  • Track document history, identify changes, and maintain an organized record of revisions for compliance and auditing. 

Draft your next policy document with VComply today!

3. Aligning policies with regulations: 

You must ensure all policies are aligned with the regulatory and internal control requirements. 

VComply lets you link policy documents with regulatory and control frameworks applicable to your organization. This reduces chances of compliance fallbacks for implemented policies. 

Customize regulatory framework and align with policies.

4. Automation of approval processes: 

Policy approval often consumes the majority of policy lifecycle time, and VComply can significantly reduce approval time for your team. With PolicyOps you can,  

  • Create approval workflows and automate approval reminders.  
  • Customize policy approval and attestation workflows for different stakeholders.   
  • Enable online policy review, seamless feedback sharing, and real-time updates for collaborative policy management.   
  • Leverage features like email alerts and calendar reminders, ensuring timely responses. 

Automate policy approval process now!

5. Centralized policy documentation and distribution 

The ability to store, manage, and access all policy documents centrally facilitates transparency and ease of distribution process.  

Policy Register lets your team draft policy documents and manage the approval and attestation process here.  

With the assistance of an activity trail and simple document download, VComply makes policy version control easy. 

Once approved, you can publish policy documents on the Policy Portal. This central space let’s you add policy announcements and share policy document links with employees.  

6. Conduct policy training assessments  

As the Policy Manager, you must ensure all employees and stakeholders understand organization policies and comply with them. With PolicyOps you can, 

  • Create diverse policy training assessments, including quizzes, knowledge checks, and scenario-based evaluations.  
  • Distribute policy assessments via emails and shareable links.  
  • Automate policy training data collection for feedback, assessment, and effectiveness measurement. 

Create your next policy assessment with VComply.

7. Set-up review reminders proactively 

Policies require regular reviews and reassessments by higher management.  

If you are managing the reminder process manually, then it is probable that you missed the review timeline. You cannot track if review activities are taking place on time. 

With VComply, you can create policy review tasks, define due dates and timelines, and assign them to relevant stakeholders.  

Make policy management a breeze with PolicyOps!


As a policy manager, you focus on maintaining a compliant and efficient organization. Don’t let manual tasks and outdated policies hinder your efforts. Embrace the power of automation with PolicyOps and witness how streamlined policy lifecycle management can drive efficiency, compliance, and organizational excellence.  

Experience a new era of policy management today!