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TLScontact Strengthens Compliance Capabilities with VComply

VComply helped TLScontact to realize that automation and standardization could help reduce its risk exposure — addressing vulnerabilities from a single application.

Paris, France
Company Size
5000+ employees
Staffing & visa service operations

About Organization

TLScontact, part of the Teleperformance group, offers visa and consular services for government clients worldwide. Present in 90 countries, the company provides administrative aspects of the visa process via a global network of Visa Application Centers, allowing government clients to focus on their core decision-making role.
Increase in the operational efficiency
Increase in timely task completion
Reduction in compliance issues

The Challenge

The company encountered several significant challenges while adhering to local regulations, policies, and standards. The lack of a centralized source for monitoring their compliance data resulted in increased risks. The teams were using spreadsheets for assessing compliance evidence and details, spending hours together consolidating and updating sheets – still resulting in erroneous data. The fragmented and siloed compliance management approach exposed them to threats, penalties, and reputational damage.

Improving operational effectiveness, complying with federal laws and regulations, and transforming customer experiences means going above and beyond! This also means the company must embark on a digital transformation and automate its inefficient and manual processes.

“The VComply platform has been amazing. It’s simple yet powerful, and the implementation team made it clear they understood our pain points and had people in place, to get us deployed ASAP.”

Ljubica D.
Chief compliance officer

The Outcome

With the most significant focus on improving operational effectiveness and meeting compliance objectives, TLS sets about a digital transformation with VComply. TLS leadership team was committed to compliance success, ensuring everyone was on board. VComply made it easier for the team to establish internal controls, entrust compliance tasks to stakeholders and efficiently track the status of these tasks. VComply broke down the internal silos of the organization and help stakeholders access the same data and communicate to each other in case of a clarification.

The workflow automation helped to ensure that the compliance obligations are completed, and no tasks are left unchecked. It introduced oversight and made sure that no compliance deadlines are missed.

Why VComply?

Solving the complexity of compliance. Better efficiency with faster, automated compliance processes.

  • Rapid scaling of compliance and risk programs
  • Reduced overhead costs and increased savings
  • Enhanced tracking of regulatory compliance
Why VComply?

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