Enhance Awareness of Third-party Risks

With VComply, organizations can efficiently handle, monitor, and trace various stages of their third-party relationships. The solution enables comprehensive evaluations and audits of suppliers, ensuring a dependable pool of third-party organizations for each product or service category.

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Continuously monitor your vendors for risk and compliance issues

Gain continuous visibility into vendor risk and compliance issues by leveraging risk monitoring solution. Validate vendor information, assess operational and compliance risks, track compliance and performance status, and access sustainability ratings through industry content feeds. Utilize automated alerts, trigger risk assessments, and log issues for timely remediation.

Optimize risk assessment and management   

Streamline risk identification with registers and libraries. Define KRIs, assess risks, evaluate impact, and automate workflows for seamless risk mitigation. VComply enables the organization to assess and prioritize compliance risks, implement controls, and monitor their effectiveness.

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Streamline third-party audit asessments for enhanced assurance 

Optimize the efficiency of supplier audits, encompassing activities like information gathering, audit planning, scheduling, field work, reporting, and issue resolution. Enable a wide range of supplier audits, including compliance, quality, safety, IT, environmental, social responsibility, and sustainability audits.

Report and manage third-party issues  

Capture and resolve issues efficiently, assign responsibilities, and promote collaboration among stakeholders. Benefit from incident reporting, investigation workflows, and corrective action tracking. Centralize audit planning, evidence collection, task assignments, and reporting.

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