The Compliance Readiness Guide

This guide will enable you to understand all the important aspects of a good governance program for a business and how to create one for your organization.

Compliance Readiness Guide to Analyze Your Organization’s Compliance Readiness

Use this guide to analyze your organization’s compliance readiness. We recognize that there is a plethora of resources that claim to improve your GRC program. Still, very few tools allow you to quantify the strength of your GRC status. A quick review of the VComply Compliance Guide will allow you to holistically assess your internal programs and plug in any gaps you find.

As a GRC solution provider, VComply believes that businesses should never face setbacks for the lack of governance and compliance. This guide emerged from our realization that exceptional compliance standards exist, but they’re difficult to break down and implement. Keeping this in mind, we have broken down and analyzed the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guideline by the United States Department of Justice. This guide helps you understand all the essential aspects of a good governance program for a business and lets you create one for your organization.

Download this guide to understand:

  • Features of well-designed compliance programs
  • Recommendations of the Department of Justice for a compliance program
  • How VComply helps to align your compliance programs with regulatory requirements

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