I am currently using Spreadsheets, Calendar or Checklists ....And it’s frustrating!


As business complexities grow, the risk of non-compliance grows exponentially. Maintaining and tracking multiple back and forth emails and countless spreadsheets become extremely complex and somewhat of a hassle. Moreover, using email and spreadsheets for your governance requirements exposes you to tremendous risks of non-compliance, which may ultimately lead to organizational failure. Especially when the organization grows along with the data, and the volume of compliances and regulations increase exponentially leading to a nightmare in tracking responsibilities, documents, policies and complying on time..

Take action before managing multiple Spreadsheets, Calendars or Checklists affects your organization’s efficiency any further.

Why you should immediately stop


They’re definitely not your most secure bet. Splitting your data across multiple sheets can provide a workaround to the problem of multi-user editing. But it’s very likely that classified data will be exposed to people it shouldn’t.


It’s rare when everybody is on the same page at the same time! There’s always people who are missing out. When you have a synchronous system in place, collaborations become easier & faster and nobody misses out.


There’s no way these will give metrics for your Organization’s performance, Risk Analysis and responsibilities that require your attention.


Let’s not forget human errors - Spreadsheets, Calendars and Checklists are designed to accept whatever the user puts in. So a small error may cost you very heavily.


No matter how much we try, we can’t remember it all. Besides, when it comes to Spreadsheets, they don’t do much for giving out reminder alerts and neither do checklists.


As you grow, your data increases and managing them becomes more complex than ever. So, when you need to be efficient, you end up being chaotic instead.

Here’s why you should VComply

Good Governance

VComply builds an umbrella of good governance within your organization to help you function more efficiently.

Increases accountability

When everyone knows what they should be doing, they focus more on doing it and results automatically improve.

Smart notifications

Our smart notifications are designed to keep you and the team updated, at the same time, every time.

Top notch encryption

All your data is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL encryption which makes VComply as secure as any of the banks worldwide!

Reminder alerts

We make sure you don’t miss important dates, even if you have a bad memory. Our intelligent alerts will keep you updated every time a responsibility falls due. Just sync your device calendar with VComply and see the magic!

Master Management

We want to strengthen your growth. VComply backs your documents seamlessly onto the platform for you to easily access them at any time.