Managing SOX Compliance with VComply

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, often called SOX is a U.S. law aimed to protect investors from fraudulent accounting practices. The act entrusts a publicly-traded company’s management to maintain a sound internal control structure for financial reporting. It insists that it is the auditor’s responsibility to assess and attest to the management’s report on the overall financial control system.

Product Capabilities

Develop and Implement Controls and Audits For a Sound SOX Compliance

Management approved internal controls for a robust financial structure

Collaborated workspace to keep your documents and SOX financial controls up-to-date

Built-in workflows for assigning, reviewing, overseeing controls and policy implementation

Product Capabilities

Streamline SOX Controls and Processes 

Audit capabilities based on an acceptable framework like COSO to assess whether controls are working

Built-in reports for SOX compliance and dashboards to gain insights into SOX compliance performance

Central storage for SOX related risks and controls

How Does VComply Help You Implement SOX Standards?

VComply’s SOX compliance solution provides a framework for managing the complex requirements of SOX requirements. It comes pre-built with a series of financial controls mapped to the SOX framework. VComply helps organizations prepare for the SOX audit and standardize even the most comprehensive set of controls to meet the SOX compliance process.