Education sector is rife with various risks associated to academics, financial aid, safety and accountability, etc. Increasing consumer and stakeholder awareness makes it essential to have transparent policies and procedures. This sector has encountered complex compliance requirements since the beginning which asks for a comprehensive solution to simplify the procedures.

Each and every educational institute follows its own set of best practices to stay ahead of the competition and ensure consumer delight.

VComply brings to the table a comprehensive GRC solution for the education sector by providing standards and best practices on a single integrated platform.

  • Boston Public Schools Code of Conduct
  • TIER 1: PREVENTION SERVICES-Policy-Educational Options
  • Committee policy and the Code of Conduct
  • School policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Family Engagement-Counseling & Intervention
  • School uniform policy and/or dress code
  • Re-evaluation of School-based rules
  • Language of notices, conferences, and hearings

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