VComply Vs RiskOptics

Looking for RiskOptics Alternative?

VComply offers the right sized Automated Compliance Platform that meets all your compliance needs.

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Our Customer ROI Speaks for Itself


Increase in operational efficiency


Reduction in compliance penalties


Increase in timely task completion

Automated Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform

Tool too complex? Taking long to get started?

Do not let complexity stand in your way – VComply is simple and easy to use. It is the only tool you will need to drive GRC in your Organization. Plus, it’s flexible enough.


Not happy with Customer Support?

Do not let customer support come in your way of delivering Compliance. At VComply, customer is at the heart of everything we do.


Looking for Flexibility?

In VComply, the compliance assignees have the flexibility to work on the tasks even without logging into the application. The inbuilt automations help you drive operational efficiency.


VComply is the best alternative to RiskOptics

VComply is a self managed and self administered platform specifically built to meet all your GRC needs.

Feature Comparison

Simple UI

Easy Implementation

Self Managed

Self Administered

Easy to Adapt


Customer Support


User friendly