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Compliance and Risk Mangement
for Quick Service Restaurants
Managing and maintaining compliance with the restaurant industry’s changing regulations is a complicated task. It is essential to understand the complexities involved in operating quick-service restaurants concerning compliance laws. VComply has a considerable level of expertise in managing compliance complexities of QSR industry working with industry majors.
QSR related compliance frameworks
Automate Compliance Management Activities
  • Multi-location management with support for multiple responsibility centerst
  • Pre-configured controls aligned with each QSR related compliance frameworks
  • Tracking of user engagement KPIs to track the user actions on various compliance obligations
QSR related compliance frameworks
Improve Operational Transparency
  • Reports and dashboards that show high-level insight to the organization’s compliance performance
  • Centralized workspace for better communication between stakeholders on compliance obligations
  • Investigation and reporting of compliance issues

Reports and dashboards
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How Does
VComply Help
QSRs Manage
VComply enables quick-service restaurants to map their data and efficiently implement controls to track and manage compliance with industry laws. It helps embed the controls into their processes with the coordination of workflows and delegation of responsibilities. VComply’s monitoring process involves oversight, reviewing, and reporting of the compliance status and issues.
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