Agile Compliance Management

Revolutionize the way you manage governance, risk and compliance.

What do you get?

Comprehensive dashboard

Integrated workflows

Intelligent notifications & alerts

Real-time collaborations

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Integrated Risk Management

Experience the future of risk management in a controlled & cohesive environment.

What do you get?

Dynamic risk heat maps

Elaborate risk register

Coherent risk dashboard

Collaborative workshop

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Contract Management

A consolidated interface to draft, approve, execute and maintain your contracts.

What do you get?

Centralized contract repository

Simplified collaborations

Secure electronic signature

Multi level approvals

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Policy Management

Build, and manage all your policies from a central standpoint.

What do you get?

Streamlined communications

Hierarchical approvals

Cloud repository

Questionnaires & checkpoints

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Surveys & Forms

Simplify, monitor and control the data collection process in your organization.

What do you get?

Prebuilt survey templates

Drag & drop interface

Customizable workflows

Data-driven decisions

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Audit & Assurance

Conduct methodical tests, report incidents and resolve issues accurately & promptly.

What do you get?

Interactive dashboard

Scheduling Automation

Actionable insights

Real-time alerts

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Bring it all together

Get more out of VComply. Synchronize governance with our in-app integrations and streamline your workflows & processes.

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