Evaluating OneTrust competitors in your GRC software search?

VComply is powerful, data driven, comprehensive platform alternative to Onetrust.

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Our Customer ROI Speaks for Itself


Increase in operational efficiency


Reduction in compliance penalties


Increase in timely task completion

Managing Compliance. Measuring Risk. Minimizing Impact.

Turns the complexity into simplicity

Time is money. A successful GRC software deployment depends on bringing your data into the platform quickly, setting up dashboards and workflows and more. Conventional platforms such as OneTrust force you to follow a rigid program that can cost more than you expect and take longer than necessary.

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GRC is not one-size-fits-all

Operational efficiency is derived from a combination of flexible workflows, automation, and self-service capabilities in VComply. The compliance assignees have the flexibility to work on the tasks even without logging into the application.

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Better reporting, faster insights

No other GRC platform offers the kind of reporting capabilities that VComply does. Our analytics feature gives you insights into granular details that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other platform.

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VComply is the best alternative to OneTrust

VComply is a self managed and self administered platform specifically built to meet all your GRC needs.

Feature Comparison

Simple UI

Easy Implementation

Self Managed

Self Administered

Easy to Adapt


Mobile App


Experience our award-winning GRC platform!

Experience our award-winning GRC platform