The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a nonprofit organization created in 2000 to protect people and organizations from cyber threats. They set standards to safeguard systems and networks from data theft. Any organization that is looking to secure its systems and networks may implement the CIS framework.

CIS provides set standards to prevent IT threats and secures data. Cis can be used to map the NIST cybersecurity framework to secure systems and networks. It reduces risk and provides key security to the organizations. If any organization fails to meet all requirements it may lead to a system breach or IT theft causing a lot of damage to the organization.

This checklist will help ensure that all employees are well aware of the CIS standards and its importance for the organization.
It will help the organization identify any loopholes in the system or in the process, thus, helping mitigate potential risks.
It will also help comply with the NIST cybersecurity framework as well.

Checklists have always been of excellent help when it comes to compliance frameworks like CIS. It is a tool that helps access risks, take necessary steps and mitigate them. There is a checklist attached below to help your organization overcome cybersecurity risk and achieve the security of your systems and networks with ease.

Get a snap of all the relevant frameworks and standards for your compliance, internal control, and security needs.

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