Operationalize Compliance. Minimize Risk.

Operationalize compliance, manage multiple frameworks, and mitigate risk with a unified platform. Run all your compliance, risk and audit programs effectively.

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It’s time to be confident about your risk & compliance posture. 

    Streamline control creation, upload evidence, break silos, and enhance compliance management with ease.

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    Proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks across your organization. Link controls and leverage automated risk monitoring.

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    Effortlessly manage your policy lifecycle with VComply – create, edit, review, distribute, and track policy attestations confidently.

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    Streamline your audit processes from audit planning, scheduling, and identifying risks to gathering evidence.

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Simplify compliance & risk management

VComply’s Governance and Risk Dashboard provides complete visibility into risk management and compliance programs. You can build powerful reports in minutes and manage your risk register with ease.


Streamline processes & reduce risks

Streamline and maintain consistency across your compliance and risk programs using VComply’s framework library. Link controls and procedures to their corresponding programs and policies and create corrective action plans to mitigate potential risks.


collaboration with a unified workspace

Our centralized workroom empowers teams to seamlessly work together and enhance their compliance efforts. Tag, upload, and share documents effortlessly, while tracking tasks and commenting on details to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page. Say goodbye to fragmented processes and hello to efficient teamwork driving compliance excellence.


Optimize your compliance

VComply provides flexible workflows to create and assign compliance responsibilities, track their progress until completion, and escalate instances on non-compliance. Reduce operational inefficiency and take control of your GRC activities.


Integrate with your tech stack in minutes,
not weeks

No more disconnected systems. Our native integrations will bring all of your governance, risk, and compliance processes into one connected ecosystem to save time and maximize value.

    VComply helps OMEXOM digitize their compliance program

    Listen to Omexom CEO Zdenek talk about the importance of adhering to sapin2, ISO37001 and their journey to create a strong Compliance Management Program with the help of VComply.

    Zdenek Zidek CEO of OMEXOM GA Energo