From Preparation to CARF Accreditation: A Stress-Free Approach Toward a Culture of Compliance

17th July
2 PM

Join us for an exciting webinar as we welcome behavioral health expert Michelle Cove for a helpful discussion surrounding CARF accreditation. Whether it’s your first time or you’re simply looking for new ways to make accreditation easier, you’ll learn how to build an internal program set up for success.

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Key Takeaways:

Prepping your infrastructure for CARF: Michelle speaks from firsthand experience on the best ways to set up your infrastructure for success. This often overlooked portion will clarify some of the logistic, access, and scheduling tips to make your program a success.


Engaging the organization: Learn who should be included in the process, how to include them, and tips on how to build a supportive team environment.


Maintaining the momentum: Learn how to better mobilize your team to sustain the engagement required to keep the program a success before, during, and after accreditation occurs while operationalizing CARF standards.

Michelle Cove

Michelle is an Enterprise Solutions Manager, who consults, designs, builds, deploys and maintains systems for a large behavioral health organization. She successfully works with people and ideas to facilitate change and growth that lead to innovative solutions.

Eric Dates

Eric is currently the Head of Marketing at VComply. He is an accomplished and ambitious global marketing leader who enjoys the psychological nuances of marketing, brand, and overall business growth.