Banking is the one of the most evolved sectors of the world with the highest regulatory requirements. Banks work in an ever changing and dynamic environment which makes it imperative for them to adapt to newer technologies to simplify their procedural requirements.

Regulators all around the globe have zero tolerance for non-compliance. Managing risk in such an environment is a big challenge since it makes an organization vulnerable to various blind spots.

VComply understands the customer requirements and strives to keep up with the pace of changing regulations. VComply helps you to increase profitability by reducing the cost of non-compliance which comprises of hefty fines, penalties and thus, enables you to improve your organization’s efficiency.

  • Filings to RBI
  • Opening of new branches Proforma-I
  • Form-A Final (Sec.42)
  • Operationalisation of RIDF
  • Form-A Provisional (Sec.42)
  • Opening / closing of branches
  • Whole bank long form audit report & compliance thereof
  • Debt restructuring mechanism for SMEs - status report

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