Creating a Corporate Strategy for ESG Success

Creating a Corporate Strategy for ESG Success

ESG initiatives are gaining more traction than ever. Organizations have realized that it is important to maintain a high ESG rating by looking at how they are conducting their business operations, not just how much money they are making. Socially responsible organizations are adopting an ESG strategy as an important element of their long-term vision. But, how do you kickstart an ESG program and make it a success?

In this webinar, the host will discuss why you need an ESG strategy, different elements in defining your ESG strategy, the role of measuring and monitoring in your ESG management, and provide inputs on how technology can be used to establish and make your ESG programs a success.

Key Takeaways:

1. Discuss on the importance of setting ESG goals
2. Explore the steps to develop and implement ESG Strategy
3. Understand the importance of using technology for modernizing your ESG program and making it a success
4. Learn latest trends in ESG technology

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