Women on the Frontlines of Compliance

Women across the globe have been at the forefront of compliance, helping organizations manage and maintain their compliance programs. Today, women make up approximately 53% of the compliance industry, and this number is continuing to grow year over year!

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Championing Women in Compliance

It’s easy to see how women from all walks bring a unique perspective to compliance. Their empathetic nature, listening capabilities, and their desire to foster inclusivity help make positive strides across the entire compliance field. Women also naturally communicate more openly with the intent to understand – helping solve diverse compliance challenges effortlessly.


We want to honor and uncover the journeys of all types of women compliance leaders, by bringing their experiences, challenges, and achievements to light.

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We’d Love to Feature Your Story

With the help of stories like yours, we believe we can help shed more light on compliance with a powerful narrative through the lens of influential women.


That’s why we would love to hear from you, publish your experience on our website, create a comprehensive survey report, shedding light on the diverse experiences and perspectives within the compliance community, and celebrate you in an evergreen fashion beyond a thematic month or calendar day. After all, every day is compliance day if you’re doing it properly.

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As a woman and practitioner, we have seen the difference you make at your organization and have chosen you to be a part of shedding more light on the wonderful community of female compliance professionals by sharing your thoughts, learnings, and ideas to grow the next generation of the practice.

We kindly invite you to engage with us and take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to answer our short survey.