Celebrating women of compliance agreement

Legal release clause (V1)

  1. Approval of Public Content: Any content intended for public release, including but not limited to stories, and promotional materials, will be submitted to the Participant for approval prior to their publication. VComply commits to making no alterations or edits to the submitted stories without prior written approval from the Participant.
  2. Withdrawal of Consent: The Participant has the right to withdraw consent at any time by providing written notice to VComply. Upon receipt of the notice, VComply will cease the use of the Participant’s stories for any new materials moving forward and will remove from public viewing any existing materials within a reasonable timeframe, subject to technical feasibilities.
  3. Duration of Use: The consent provided herein shall be valid until the Participant communicates in writing the decision to revoke such consent.
  4. No Representation of Company Endorsement: It is expressly agreed that the Participant’s participation in the campaign and the use of the Participant’s story do not constitute an endorsement of VComply or any of its products or services.
  5. Data Protection Compliance: VComply commits to adhering to all relevant data protection laws and regulations in handling the addresses and any other personal information provided by the Participants.