SB 553: Everything You Need to Comply with California's Senate Bill 553

We’re excited to partner with Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO at Spark Compliance, to give you access to a complete solution coupled with training and eLearning courses built for small organizations to full enterprise operations.


This comprehensive program helps organizations like yours easily demonstrate SB 553 compliance, empowering you with downloadable resources that make compliance easier and direct access to experts every step of the way.

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California’s Senate Bill 553 may seem like a lot to keep up with, and since Cal/OSHA can fine you between $18,000 – $25,000 per incident, it’s important to ensure you get each requirement done to the fullest extent.


We’ve teamed up with compliance expert Kristy Grant-Hart to offer you best-in-class eLearning courses and video training modules to ensure you’re 100% compliant with the training requirements of the law. We can also provide PowerPoint decks for download along with a script to give live training to your employees, or any combination of the three to accommodate your specific needs.

Your Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

VComply helps you keep track of your workplace violence prevention plan (WPVV) in one location, making it easier to update, monitor, and maintain compliance. You can track all changes & questions within the interface in real time and distribute the document to all employees while providing a clear, documented audit trail.

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Your Violence Incident Log

Gain a clear view of how each incident is being handled, increasing organizational accountability while ensuring faster response times to mitigate risks and prevent further issues all in a standardized format.

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Employee Training

Whether you’re looking for an eLearning course, video training, or PowerPoint presentations with scripts for training employees, Spark Compliance has created this content to ensure you are 100% compliant with the training requirements of the law.

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Kristy Grant-Hart

She is the author of several highly acclaimed books, including the best-selling How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer. She has advised Fortune 100 companies on compliance and revamped programs in Europe and the US. Kristy was honored as a Trust Across America 2019 Top Thought Leader in Trust.