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Blog > Product Enhancement: Advanced Search helps you find and access policies more efficiently

Product Enhancement: Advanced Search helps you find and access policies more efficiently

Eric Dates
May 15, 2024
1 minutes

VComply is excited to announce a significant enhancement to our search functionality within the PolicyOps Product-introducing “Advanced Search.” This upgrade is designed to streamline your search process, enabling cross-context discovery and full-text search capabilities that simplify how you interact with your policy management system.

Previously, users of PolicyOps faced some additional steps in locating the right documents quickly. The need to sift through numerous policies resulted in decreased productivity and prolonged compliance processes. Recognizing this, we aimed to refine the user experience by making policy discovery as intuitive and efficient as possible.

So what did we do?

  • Enhanced Search Efficiency: Significantly reduced the time and effort required for users to locate specific policies within VComply, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.
  • Improved Search Accuracy: Ensured that users can now find exactly what they need, whether searching by keywords, phrases, or specific document content. The full-text search capability increases the precision of search results, connecting users with the most relevant documents faster.
  • Better Compliance Management: This update makes it easier and quicker access to policy information, supporting compliance officers and department heads in more effectively managing compliance tasks and maintaining regulatory adherence across the organization.

What’s new?

Cross-Context Discovery

This feature enables users to perform broad searches across all document categories, statuses, and metadata without the need to navigate through multiple sections or remember the exact location of a document.

Users save time and improve operational efficiency through comprehensive searches with a single query, making policy retrieval faster and more intuitive.

Full-Text Search Capability

By extending the search capabilities to include the full text of the documents, not just the titles or metadata, users can discover policies based on detailed content within the documents themselves.

This increases the relevance of search results, allowing users to locate policies by referencing any known detail or specific requirement mentioned within the document, thus making the search process more intuitive and effective.

In Summary

The “Advanced Search” enhancement allows VComply users to better manage and interact with their policy documents. By purposefully improving the search functionality, VComply continues its mission to help compliance professionals achieve their objectives more efficiently, making policy management more effective and user-friendly.

We encourage all users to explore the new features and experience firsthand how the Advanced Search capabilities can enhance their daily operations and compliance strategy. If you would like to test out our PolicyOps module, please book a time with a solution engineer and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.