Compliance Management Software for Auto Dealerships

VComply offers a comprehensive auto dealership compliance solution that tackles daily compliance challenges head-on, setting up policies and controls, addressing framework requirements, and streamlining audits across multiple stores, while prioritizing customer protection.

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Better Compliance with GLBA and Other Federal and State Regulations

Easily comply with GLBA, privacy, cybersecurity, consumer protection laws, F&I, and oversight bodies like CFPB, FTC, and Attorney Generals, at both federal and state levels.


Cut compliance risk

Implement & manage multiple frameworks and controls and assess their performance across business units.


Set up a unified system

VComply serves as a repository for various types of documents, policies, reports, and historical data, enabling convenient access.


Simplify F&I compliance

Simplify F&I compliance and sell with confidence by leveraging VComply’s robust controls for financial disclosures.


Leverage A Pre-built Framework Library, Manage Diverse Regulations

Align frameworks across all compliance and risk management programs, including IRS 8300 cash reporting, environment and advertising compliance, and GLBA compliance.

The pre-built controls reduce the need to create compliance processes from scratch. They promote process standardization, ensuring consistent adherence to regulatory requirements across all your stores.

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Empower Dealerships for Buyer's Guide Compliance and Customer Trust

VComply enables dealerships to efficiently manage buyer’s guide compliance requirements – create and assign controls for providing disclosure documents that give consumers important purchasing and warranty information for used cars.

Set up separate controls for documentation and manufacturing warranty for new cars for enhancing transparency, and mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

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Enhance Customer Privacy and Cyber Security

Manage compliance more efficiently with consumer privacy laws and the GLBA Safeguards rules in order to maintain customer trust while diminishing the likelihood of any attacks or breaches.

VComply helps you easily establish proactive measures, ensuring your dealership protects sensitive information, assets, inventory, and customer data from cyber threats.

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Better F&I Business Compliance

Simplify F&I compliance and sell with confidence by leveraging VComply’s robust controls for financial disclosures, reporting, fair lending best-practices, and automated workflows.

Ensure adherence to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations and streamline insurance offerings for customers, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

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Enhance internal audit procedures and compliance assessments

Conduct compliance and control assessments to identify the efficiency of the compliance programs and identify gaps if any to ensure operational efficiency.

Test the controls, ensure compliance with auto dealership regulations and take corrective actions. Streamline your dealership’s internal audit procedures with seamless planning, scheduling, collaboration, and execution.

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Modernize Your Policy Management Processes

Modernize your dealership’s policy management processes – drafting, approving, distributing, and attesting with automated workflows, ensuring compliance with regulations.

VComply provides a single centralized repository for accessing policies, letting dealers organize policies into categories and link to departments for ease of management.

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Why Use VComply Compliance Management Software?

Eliminate manual tasks involved in compliance work, drive collaboration with stakeholders, and remove the complexities in compliance and risk management


Control mapping

Efficiently map controls to meet various regulatory requirements and standards simplifying compliance efforts and minimizing redundancy.

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Gap analysis

Identify any gaps or deficiencies in control implementation or effectiveness compared to dealership compliance requirements.


Evidence repository

Supports a central repository for audit-ready documentation and evidence that can help streamline your compliance audits.


Alerts and notifications

Timely alerts help maintain compliance requirements and inform stakeholders about the status of compliance efforts, minimizing risk.


Dashboards and reports

Get real-time visibility into key compliance metrics, identify areas of non-compliance, & analyze trends with customizable dashboards & reports.

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Risk assessments

Assess and score your risks, enhance mitigation strategies, and organize risk workshops that align with auto dealership standards.

“VComply is the ideal repository for compliance and regulatory requirements. It facilitates the integration of risk and compliance in a very intuitive way”

Ian W
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

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