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A Major US Healthcare Non-profit Saved 10 hours+ Every Week by Using VComply.

The non-profit major found a reliable partner in VComply, which helped establish an automated system of record for all their programs, including compliance, risk, and audit.

Company Size
600+ Health Centers
Healthcare Non-profit

About Organization

A leading non-profit organization that provides reproductive health care both in the United States and globally, with its roots in Brooklyn, New York. It consists of 159 medical and non-medical affiliates that operate over 600 health clinics in the U.S. In addition, the organization partners with other organizations in 12 countries worldwide. It directly provides a wide variety of reproductive health services.

Hours saved each week managing compliance
Increase in timely task completion
Compliance action items & follow-ups automated

The Challenge

Prior to implementing VComply, the company relied on Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to manage their compliance. The compliance team spent hours monitoring and managing the completion of each task, which were mostly manually distributed via email. There was no single source of truth, and the teams worked in silos, spending hours managing almost 700 compliance responsibilities.

The organization lacked a mechanism for holding individuals accountable for completing compliance responsibilities on time. During surprise audits or inspections, accessing requested reports or documents was a challenge because each department maintained different file locations and naming conventions for their documents. There was no single source of truth for compliance data, and versioning the Excel spreadsheets was a nightmare.

“Before VComply, we were using spreadsheets and emails, it was cumbersome, requiring ongoing exchanges with internal staff and auditors to ensure individuals had what was needed . VComply changed all of that for us.”

Tanya Parker
Chief Compliance Officer

The Outcome

Since implementing VComply, the company has successfully improved its compliance posture and is now ready for its upcoming accreditation review. Compliance tasks, reminders, and alerts are all automated. With VComply dashboards and reports, compliance teams gain real-time insights into the organization’s 53 affiliates briefly, which helps them make better decisions.

VComply now helps the company to quickly identify, manage, and remediate all compliance issues. The compliance and executive boards can access compliance data and audit reports virtually using a single repository, as opposed to a network of various network folders maintained by multiple departments. This helps the company improve compliance and operational efficiency and build credibility with regulators.

Why VComply?

Solving the complexity of compliance. Better efficiency with faster, automated compliance processes.

  • Rapid scaling of compliance and risk programs
  • Reduced overhead costs and increased savings
  • Enhanced tracking of regulatory compliance
Why VComply?

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