US State-Specific Compliance Checklists for Non-profits

Task Management: Compliance Task Management

Organizations need to establish internal controls and stay on track with changing laws, regulations, and standards. Compliance automation can help solve complex problems – helps streamline business processes, automate routine compliance tasks, generate arduous reports in seconds and most importantly, improve overall organizational efficiency. Every organization has unique compliance and task management requirements based on the nature of its business. Compliance management entails creating compliance tasks and entrusting tasks to different stakeholders in the organization. They should also set up policies and procedures and urge employees to follow the regulations and responsibilities.
Compliance Task Management

Compliance Task Management with VComply

VComply automates compliance processes and goes further to offer integrated risk assessment and policy management programs. With pre-built compliance controls, businesses can easily establish standard frameworks saving time and cost. Stakeholders can either create a new control or select an existing control and then entrust it to an assignee. The highly adaptive platform understands that the compliance requirements of companies vary and is flexible and agile enough to keep up with these varied requirements. VComply ensures that tasks are tracked, deadlines are met, and reminders are sent to stakeholders about their compliance obligations. Additionally, the extremely effective compliance workroom enables users to collaborate with various stakeholders, delegate compliance obligations, and track activities associated with the compliance activities.
Compliance Task Management

Compliance task library
to help map obligations
to controls

  • Supports a central library with pre-defined controls
  • Easily entrust tasks and measure performance
  • Set automated reminders to meet deadlines
ISO Obligations
Reduce the cost

Reduce the
cost of compliance

  • Get a real-time view of compliance with reports and dashboards
  • Identify risks, perform risk assessments, and address gaps
  • Streamline internal controls, eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies
Reduce the cost
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