Regulatory Compliance Management
The consequences of being non-compliant are huge. Considering the stringent regulatory requirements, internationally agreed on industry standards, and the need for internal efficiencies, it is imperative that organizations are proactive about compliance. But, staying on track with the complex web of regulatory obligations and standards is a tedious process. Compliance automation can help solve these complex problems and improve overall organizational efficiency.
Regulatory Compliance Management Illustration
Regulatory Compliance Management with VComply
VComply’s Regulatory Compliance Solution helps you stay up-to-date and compliant by implementing measures, processes, and policies. It helps different lines of businesses to assess their risks, implement internal controls, eliminating inefficiencies. Risks, internal controls and policies are aligned so that you can manage them in an integrated manner. Compliance processes are streamlined with workflows and the management of assets and data are safeguarded and secured through internal controls and delegation of responsibilities. The platform systematically assesses the effectiveness of compliance programs and ensures that controls are developed to meet the regulatory requirements.
Regulatory Compliance Management Illustration
Automate and Manage
  • Centrally track and manage regulations and standards
  • Collaborate with compliance officers and other stakeholders on compliance reviews
  • Assign internal controls and compliance tasks to owners routed through workflows
VComply portal to Manage Compliance Categories
Risk Heatmap and compliance dashboard
Implement an Integrated Approach in Regulatory Compliance
  • Conduct risk assessments to assess the likelihood of compliance violations
  • Map risks, controls and policies in an integrated manner
  • Track and monitor compliance tasks to ensure the task completion
Risk Heatmap and compliance dashboard
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