US State-Specific Compliance Checklists for Non-profits

Controls: Controls Management

Control management refers to setting standards, checks and measuring the actual performance and exercising corrective action. The organization needs to install processes and guide the teams to achieve progress and move towards established goals. The major aim for installing control function is to make progress towards organizational goals. An assessment is done to establish the risks involved, necessary controls are implemented to tackle and mitigate the risks. The manager monitors the effectiveness of the controls by measuring their performance, if the performance is not satisfactory, then changes are introduced. Controls help organizations achieve their goals and manage the functions effectively and manage compliance with standards and regulations.
Controls Management

Controls Management with VComply

VComply is a powerful compliance management platform with a pre-built internal control framework. VComply comes with capabilities to create controls, assign them to assignees, measure and review the performance, and bring in oversight to hold the responsible people accountable. Use the linked controls feature to instantly assign controls if risk assessment identifies gaps in the system. VComply manages the coordination between different stakeholders on fulfilling the compliance obligation and sends notifications and reminders. C-level executives will have better visibility and understanding of the functioning of the organization with VComply’s performance dashboard, and compliance reports.
Controls Management

Manage controls and
achieve compliance

  • Automate the control assignment, delegation, review, notification and evaluate the organization’s control effectiveness
  • Use the control workspace to collaborate with other stakeholders, associates files, evidence or proof
  • Leverage the library of pre-built compliance and control framework and regulations
Manage controls
Mitigate risks

Mitigate risks with corrective action

  • Automate your risk assessments and identify gaps
  • Link controls to risks and implement risk reduction methods
  • Map policy and content to frameworks, auto generate reports
Mitigate risks
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