Food Safety


Value chains across the industry have become complicated and vast. Distributed globally, they have turned into a complex mesh of intermediaries which are difficult to manage. In the food manufacturing and distribution industry, a single act of non-compliance by one entity of a value chain can have a huge impact on the others. Thus, they are inter-linked intrinsically. Various stringent regulations govern this sector and differ country-wise. Monitoring and complying with such regulations becomes a tedious task for organizations.

VComply offers a user friendly GRC platform to such organizations which serves as a one stop solution for all the food safety compliance. It helps an entity improve brand equity by implementing a transparent compliance procedure which encourages accountable behaviour.

  • FSSAI Import License
  • FSSAI Form 1a-Product Approval Form
  • FSSAI Form IV-Form of Surety Bond
  • FSSAI Form 1b-Applications for new product/ingredient
  • FSSAI Form X-Form of appeal before the Appelate Tribunal
  • FSSAI Form A-Application / Renewal of Registration
  • FSSAI Import License
  • FSSAI Form A1-Importer Applicant Details
  • FSSAI Laboratory Report
  • FSSAI Form B-Application / Renewal of License
  • FSSAI Form 1-Form of Affidavit-Seizure of books of account
  • FSSAI Form D-Application for Release of samples
Food Safety

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